How to Get Free Valorant Points: Latest Updated Guide 2021

How to Get Free Valorant Points: Latest Updated Guide 2021 - Download How to Get Free Valorant Points: Latest Updated Guide 2021 for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

How to Get Free Valorant Points: Latest Updated Guide 2021

Download How to Get Free Valorant Points: Latest Updated Guide 2021 for FREE

how to get free valorant points

Valorant is an online multiplayer shooting game that allows users to play PvP battles. One cannot resist himself from playing this fantastic game full of hi-tech weapons and special abilities for the players.

Several characters are available for users with several unique capabilities that can be upgraded from time to time. If you are looking for tips and tricks to earn free valorant points, then you have landed on the right page. To start playing the game you must have valorant beta key. If you don’t have one then checkout our post on how to get free valorant beta key in 2020.

Keep scrolling until the end to learn the latest methods.

Disclaimer : – We have listed only legal ways to earn or save valorant points in this post, You can only earn limited amount of  points using these methods.

11 Ways to Get Free Valorant Points Legally

1. Get All Ears

Sound is a crucial element in the Valorant game. You have to be very careful about each noise you listen to, such as sounds of throwing grenades, walking steps, gunshots, and every single sound. The player should entirely focus on the sounds coming around him as your opponent might be attacking you from the back or throwing a grenade without you being aware of it.

That way, you will also know where others are fighting, or others are hiding. The best time to attack your enemy is when others are struggling. You can finish all of them at once.

2. Looting Weapons

Weapons are what Valorant is all about. You can achieve success in the game, without the right gun. There are numerous weapons and items available for you in the game, but a lot of them keep dropping, and you have to collect them.

Make sure to loot as many weapons as possible, as these will help you in upgrading levels easier by killing more enemies. Even if the round ended and you find a Weapon, make sure to take it with you to your next level.

3. Learn The Map

To win the match, you need to know the battlefield very well. Before starting, make sure to learn all the maps as that will give you an insight into the battlefield you can make your escape plan ready.

Maps provide all the details from where the opponents are to the secret hiding places. That way, you will get to know where to get and where to hide for the best protection.

4. Prefer Headshots

Headshots are the best for maximum shots. There are high chances to eliminate your opponents if you focus mostly on their heads. Always try to fix your targets on their head as the chances are that the opponent will be removed in one go.

5. Communicate With Your Team For Best Results

As it is a multiplayer game, the gaming experience becomes even double when you play with your team. For better results, it is preferable to get into contact with your teammates.

You can also use voice chat for better understanding and strategy making. Having excellent communication with your team while playing makes the game a lot easier and enjoyable.

6. Don’t Waste Your Shots

Do not lose your shots unless you are confident that it will hit the target as you might not get the second chance. Save your bullets for the critical shots and be very careful before shooting. You don’t have to keep hunting around now and then to lose your chances of earning free Valorant points.

7. Don’t Leave a Spot Unchecked

Check the Map very carefully, and don’t leave a single spot. There are a lot of secret hiding places on the Map, make sure to check every nook and corner of the Map. Your opponent must be waiting for a small mistake, and you can’t afford that. Make sure to check the Map accurately to earn more free Valorant points.

8. Shoot When You Stop

Many of you make a mistake of shooting while moving. Stop doing this from now as it can increase the chances of missing the target.  Always shoot your target when you stop moving. It will not only help you aim your target successfully but also increase your chances of upgrading levels. The more target you hit, the higher your points will be.

9. Upgrade Your Weapons

Upgrading weapons should be a priority in Valorant. Always keep your arms upgraded to the latest to earn more points. Your skills and guns are the two most essential things in the game. Without the latest ammo, you cannot go long in the game.

10. Connect With Social Media

There are many guides, events, and campaigns run by the developers for their users. Connect your game to your social media account and get all the latest updates of the game. This is the best way to stay updated about the activities of the game and will help to earn more points.

If you are also the one searching for how to get free valorant points, then you don’t have to go anywhere now. All the information will be given there.

11. Work on Your Skills

You will get the best weapons, abilities, and characters in the game. But, to win a game, your skills matter a lot. Work on your skills to get the best results. As a beginner, it will take time, but you will get perfect after playing some rounds.

The best way to hone your skills and improve your shots is to keep playing the levels again and again.

Valorant Points Generators Are Fake Scams – Don’t Use Them.

Many users fall into the trap of fraudsters claiming free Valorant Points Generator. It is highly recommended to stay away from any such sites claiming these free generators and Mod apps as there is no such thing.

They aim to only harm your online data and use it for illegal purposes.

All the tips and hacks given in this guide are purely legit, and it is recommended to use only legit ways. The real fun in playing a game is when you win a game on your own. Play only for the fun purpose to get the best experience.

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