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Download CSGO Cheat OSIRIS Download Free CSGO HACK for FREE

We are here with the most trending hack going on right now names as CSGO Cheat OSIRIS. It is a Multi hack cheat for CS: GO players. With great power comes great responsibility the same ways, with great cheat comes great detection which we have kept in our mind.

So with CSGO Cheat OSIRIS hack you will be getting upper hand over the other players but remain undetected for sure and these CSGO public cheats will make you deadly and unstoppable as hell.

Features of CSGO Cheat OSIRIS:

So not dwell much on the other stuff and directly jump on the features of the Osiris hack:

1.Aim Bot

With OSIRIS with you will be able to get an upper hand over the players. Easy usage of Osiris will give you quick headshots and extra kills to win the game. With Aimbot, you can easily get good shots.

Aimbot menu OSIRISaimbot menu


In CSGO normally you have to click to shoot when you confront the enemy in the game, but Osiris Multi hack will provide you with trigger bot which will make you shoot the player automatically when crosshair comes over the enemy.

Triggerbot Cheat OSIRIStriggerbot menu


In this multi hack, you will be getting another very crucial function which is ESP, it is a hack that will show the information of the players, their location, weapons which are dropped, and projections.

ESP menuesp menu

3.Skin changer

In CSGO skins are something that makes you more valuable than the game itself. With CSGO OSIRIS Multi hack Cheat Undetected you can get all the skins needed directly in your account.

Skin changer menu CSGOskin changer menu


Abuse lag compensation so that players can move back in time.With this Feature of CSGO Osirs you will be able to alter the server and save yourself.

Backtrack menubacktrack menu


Miscellaneous visual options for better views.

Visuals menu CSGOvisuals menu

6. Reportbot 

Automatically report players on the server for cheating or other abusive actions with the use of OSIRIS Multi hack cheat in CSGO.

How To Use CSGO Cheat OSIRIS:

  1. Open the steam client
  2. Now open the game but do not join any session.
  3. download and install a working DLL injector form our tools Page and inject the OSIRIS file.
  4. Go back to the game press insert button so that the cheat menu opens.
  5. Done, now rock & roll.

If face any problem kindly contact in the comment section.

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