Candy Crush Cheats Hacks to Earn Free Lives, Boosters, Essentials [May 2020]

Candy Crush Cheats Hacks to Earn Free Lives, Boosters, Essentials [May 2020] - Download Candy Crush Cheats Hacks to Earn Free Lives, Boosters, Essentials for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

Candy Crush Cheats Hacks to Earn Free Lives, Boosters, Essentials [May 2020]

Download Candy Crush Cheats Hacks to Earn Free Lives, Boosters, Essentials [May 2020] for FREE

Candy Crush Cheats Hack

The Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle video game developed and published by King. The game is all about switch, match, and blasts the candies to make progress in the game. There are various resources available in the game that you can collect by applying some of the workable candy crush cheats to enhance your gameplay.

Resources play a vital role in making your game more joyful. Candy crush saga cheats provided by us will never let you go out of the resources.

Before we start with the legal candy crush hack and cheats, let us take a look at what are the mod apk files. Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using such mod apk files.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats: Risks & Limitations of Mod Apk Files

Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk Hack Risks and Limitations

You may have seen that there are lots of modded version of the game available. But these modded app versions have lots of limitations on their use.

They are not legal to use. These apk files promise for lots of premium features to attract the players, but are those promises are trustworthy?

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using mod apk files. These facts below will show you why you should avoid using candy crush modded apk in your smartphone:

Advantages of Mod Apk’s

  1. The mod apk file may not have time bounds on lives you use in the game.
  2. You may get to use lots of boosters in the game without buying or earning them.

Disadvantages of Mod Apk’s

  1. The modded version allows you to play the game offline until you reach a certain level. if you want to unlock the next level, then you have to download the extra data or have to get the latest version of mod apk.
  2. The modded versions are not reliable because we download them from third party sources.
  3. They promise to give some of the premium features like boosters and other essentials but sometimes they only give lives.
  4. They can steal your personal information from your mobile device or can spy on you as long as you have the apk in your smartphone.
  5. Most of the time, modded versions can have viruses or malwares that are harmful to your devices.

Disclaimer:– We do not recommend our readers to make use of modded applications for short term benefits. Despite that, we encourage to use only legal candy crush cheats and hack to make their gameplay better for a longer time.

Fortunately, the game has several in-game tricks and cheats that are not only legal, but also earns us almost every essential resource in the game. We have listed all the candy crush hack and cheats that are legit and workable in the game. Check them out below:

Legal Candy Crush Saga Cheats, Tricks, & Hack to Use in 2020

1. Daily Spin Wheel

The daily spin wheel is one of the simple tricks that help you to get some extra free boosters in the gameplay. You have to tap on the events tab from the right bottom of the game screen and tap on the spin wheel and spin it to win free prizes. You can do this for one time every day.

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2. Connect the Game With Facebook

Linking your game account with the game has multiple benefits.

  • It saves your progress so that you can resume your gameplay on multiple devices from where you left.
  • It connects you with your friends so that you can share their lives with each other.
  • Linking your account with the game also helps you to save your boosters as well.

3. Participate in Events

Events are the set of challenges that have to complete in the prescribed time period to earn the special event prizes. There are events called chocolate box event, episode race, champion race, star dust event, and many others like these events that help you to grab some additional rewards to make your gameplay better.

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4. Log-in To The Game Continuously For 7 Days

Log in to the game for 7 days continuously is an exclusive candy crush hack that helps you to get various rewards. The rewards you get every day is better than previous day rewards. If you do this for 7-day, then on the 7th day, the game will give you some of the exclusive rewards that are best in comparison to the other six days surprises.

5. Watch Advertisements

Watching commercial videos help you in many ways. The developers of the game help the players to earn extra rewards by providing an option to watch advertisements. Watching advertisements help you to get lives, you can also grab an extra spin on the daily spin wheel, you can also watch the advertisement to grab some of the boosters of candy crush saga.

Well, watching advertisements will definitely consume your data and time, no doubt but, the rewards you get after watching videos are amazing. The advertisements are also not too long; they only take 10 to 30 seconds from you.

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6. Change Date And Time of Your Device

Changing date and time is the hidden trick to get candy crush lives free without waiting for the timer to hit zero. If you have exhausted your lives in-game, then don’t worry, you can refill it in no time by using this trick.

Go to the settings of your mobile and tap on the date and time option. Change the time from this option and again log in to the game and check your lives are refilled. Enjoy this trick to get unlimited lives.

7. Make use Of Booster Wheel

Booster wheel is an amazing wheel that you can use once in every 48 hours after the failed attempt to solve the puzzle. The booster wheel not only helps you to grab the boosters but also helps you to give extra moves to resume the level to complete it. If you are lucky enough, you can get 15+ moves on this booster wheel so don’t forget to grab this opportunity while playing the game.

8. Combine Two Special Candies

Combining two special candies is one of the great cheats for candy crush that helps you to clear half of the puzzle board. One of the best combinations is striped candies and wrapped candy. If you combine these two candies, then one big candy will form and clears all the candies in vertical and horizontal lines. The rest of the combinations also plays a vital role in removing unwanted candies on the board.

9. Do Not Follow The Hints Every time

The game always keeps on giving you a hint about the matching of the candies on the puzzle board. While using these hints, make sure they will help you to finish out the level. these hints are not always useful, so while using them think twice.

10. Begin Candy Crushing From The Bottom Side

Start to smash the candies from the bottom side because this will help you to get more new candies as the candies drop down due to smashing.

When the new candies come to the board, they automatically smash if they combine automatically and no need to use your moves to smash the unwanted candies.

Sometimes the formation of new candies gives you special candies too. Hence, whenever you start the game, start from the bottom side.

11. Keep an Eye on Game Shop

Game shop is the place where you get epic deals to purchase the resources by spending real money. You can see the shop icon on the bottom side of the game screen. tap it and take a look at the hot deals that helps you to grab maximum resources in minimum spending.

Beware of Candy Crush Hack & Generator Tools

Candy Crush Saga Hack and Generator Tool

Stay Away from Such Fake Generator

Many websites are available on the internet that does promotions for the candy crush generators for unlimited resources.

Candy crush generators are online hack tools that attract the players by promising them to give unlimited resources in the game.

These tools promise the users to give resources without any human verification, but when you try to use it, they will ask you for personal details like game id, email id, name, etc. and if you provide such information to these hack tools, then they try to hack your game.

The generators also contain a virus that is harmful to your devices. Generators are fake, and if you use them, then you are spoiling the sporting spirit in you.

We suggest you not to go for such illegal practices and keep yourself safe from trapping in such scams and use only legal ways to enhance your gameplay.

Disclaimer:- The only way to get unlimited resources is to spend real money. Spending cash also doesn’t help you to get unlimited resources, but you can grab maximum resources in a minimum amount. Even the hacks and cheats provided by us will not help you to collect unlimited resources that can be used for life long.

Final Verdict On Candy Crush Saga Hack And Cheats

Using in-game candy crush cheats and hacks are the only way to progress safe and secure in the candy crush saga game. Using mod apk files is not a long term strategy for any gamer, and also mostly, they do not work at all.

Online generators and hack tools are nothing but just another scam in the candy crush saga game. We urge our users to stick to the real tricks and cheats we have shown above to get benefited in the game.

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