Xpadder (Windows)

Xpadder (Windows) - Download Xpadder (Windows) for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

Xpadder (Windows)

Download Xpadder (Windows) for FREE


There are a lot of games for PC which don’t let you use your gamepad to play. You are so used to play with your own gamepad that when you play with the keyboard it is likely that you see the ‘Game Over’ message earlier than ever.

Now you have the solution: Xpadder. This won’t be a problem anymore because when you install this useful app, it will automatically configure your gamepad to be play any game in your PC. And it even works with game that don’t support gamepads!

How does it achieve it? It’s easy, it converts the buttons of your gamepad in keys, so it simulates keystrokes when you press the buttons of your gamepad.

Xpadder supports a lot of gamepads. It is a dream come true for gamers!

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