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11 August 2018

Review by UnitedGamers (read 504 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Conan Exiles
The Valley of the Lost Women

The setting of the game is simple. The protagonist, sentenced to death by Hyborian, is tied to a cross and left to die in the desert. After being hung briefly, they are suddenly saved by Conan himself; apparently, to somehow justify the name of the game, because the legendary barbarian will never appear again, but before you see the miraculous liberation, the game comes to an abrupt halt for character creation where you can choose your hero’s gender, race, appearance, and religion. After the creation of the hero, you are released into a seamless open world.

On a note, you can’t help but notice the nature of the editor in character creation. There is an option that allows you to the adjust the size of genitalia and other intimate body parts of the lousily voiced protagonist. While this can be seen as a quirky aspect of the game, with many other things lacking and this only being a catchy superficial detail, it ends up feeling like an attempt to grab more attention.

There is no tutorial in Conan Exiles. You will have to learn everything through trial and error. In a strict sense of the word, the game has no quests whatsoever. However, there are goals that are shown on the upper right corner of the screen. These help you get acquainted with the basics of the game.

Treasures of Gwalure

Crafting is an important aspect of the game, and the players will have to mess around with a lot of ingredients for that. At first, it will just be simple materials stones and branches, then you will need rarer resources like: stellar metallic ore, or the blood of a demon. In search of these ingredients, you will have to traverse many beautiful locations – deserts, jungles, snow-covered valleys, swamps, and even a volcano. Unfortunately, the collection of resources is somewhat tiring. Useful materials are hard to find, and instead of getting to admire the scenery of Hyboria, you will mostly be busy cutting down trees, breaking stones, and hunting animals.

The tools used change what exact resource you will be getting. For instance, if you chop the tree with an axe, there will be some wood, and if you prick the tree with a pick, the bark. The character needs to drink and eat, so as not to die of hunger and thirst. You need to hunt animals for food. And for complete safety, you will want to build a house or even a fortress of your dreams if you are feeling up for it. You can also climb steep cliffs and cook on a bowler hat, something that’s reminiscent of last year’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That’s where you are brought back to ground with naked bodies and a game that doesn’t play at all like BotW.

Religion is an important mechanics in the game. Belonging to the confession provides unique equipment recipes, sacrifices allow you to invoke the huge all-destroying avatar of the chosen god. When you start off, the game lets you worship only one deity, but their numbers can be increased later in the game. I’m not a bore, but where is it seen in Hyboria that the minions of Seth, whose teachings completely contradict each other, simultaneously give praise to the solar miter!

Another notable mechanics of the game, a quite unusual one, is slavery. In order to get yourself a slave, you need to trash the enemy before they lose consciousness, then tie them and make them rotate the wheel of pain. It works the same way as it does in Conan’s film. The system of slavery is needed for proper organization and development of economy. A warrior slave can be made to guard the house, the smith slave will make an improved weapon, and the dancers take care of the filth that can be picked up in the ancient ruins.

All the rascals in the house

Conan Exiles has several modes – PvP (each player was removed from the cross personally by Conan!), online PvE and a singleplayer campaign. The game is punishing; you can die very quickly. The maximum number of players on a server is 40. Although the true potential of the game is reached in multiplayer, the singleplayer campaign is also good – you can play only for that.

After you die, experience gained and skills learned do not disappear, but the character literally starts with a bare back and only items in the chests are not lost. That is, of course, if you are not playing the campaign on easy difficulty level. In addition to that, you have to start with character creation every time you join a new server in multiplayer, which is really annoying.

There have been a number of impressive changes after the release, including, but not limited to, an increase in the number of resources, recipes, and monsters. The devs have also added new animations, deities, and biomes. The game has come really far from when it was first released in early access in early 2017. Taking a year and a half for full release from early access worked for the sandbox survival game Conan Exiles, but there are still some quality of life and game balance issues that need to be fixed. The game doesn’t quite capture the feel of the mystical world of Conan: The Barbarian, so it may be the cause of disappointment for fans of franchise, but it is still a solid survival game. Recommended for fans of survival genre.
Rating: 8/10

  • Graphics
  • Game Lore
  • Easy to Learn
  • Open World

04 April 2020

Review by gamer-8ddf78

This game is a very big disappointment. Funcom advertised and promoted this game : “build a home and kingdom” so they encourage you to build as much as you want but when you do, they suddenly just wipe out all of your buildings and ban you from official servers without any warring. I am just highlighting that I didn’t block anything, I didn’t wall around any obelisk or any important areas in the map and other players could use my maprooms, roads, etc. I just wanted to warn every player who is as enthusiastic as I am to build things before they face the same experiences as I had. It does not matter how big my base was because I don’t think they should ban someone for something that the game allows you to do.

FUNCOM: “it was determined that excessive amounts of structures and placeables were being used to intentionally have a negative impact on the server’s performance. Even though freedom of expression through building is encouraged via the sandbox and building system of the game, deliberate use and abuse of known exploits to not only negatively impact the rest of the players in the server, but the server itself, is not something we can let go.”

If some placebles or other building pieces could become exploits, then I think they should have fixed or limited or at least mentioned it in the rules, moreover they mentioned “known” exploits but they are just known to them not to the players, because I did not find a word regarding any of it on the official website. Therefore, I was not aware that I was using known exploits. It’s a bit ridiculous if some of the placebles or other building pieces could become exploits in such a kind of game which is about building things. The game is a waste of time, waste of money If you are looking for such a kind of building survival game then believe me, it would be better if you avoid this one.

23 December 2019

Review by Kruegeer

After 2500 hours on this game I think I can give an objective opinion unlike those who after 10 or even 100 hours of play find this great game, while this kind of game requires some time to be able to judge it, and go around of what he offers.

First I want to point out that the servers are a disaster, lag, crashes and other problems that cause that every 1 month the population that can receive 40 this vacuum, to start all over on another server, the hours lost to farm , build your base ect

Then the point which seems to me the most important concerns the players and especially in pvp server, to put it simple the community is toxic and much worse than in most pvp games, composed mainly of Germans and Russians who play exclusively between them, who glitch, cheat and other filth, not to mention the fact that these brave morons know that the 2, 3, 4 or 5 against 1 during the raids, when he does not wait for the offline raids, as if their glitch and other cheats do not enough, very loyal and fair play.
While the developer is doing about this problem, beh nothing, nor nothing against the many bugs that remain, prefer to still create dlc.
So spend time to advance in the game, up your character build your base, the craft, your slaves and see everything ruined by stupid players who are not ashamed to cheat and come in excess as they are cowards and noskill, for all that and as nothing will change does not give me for the moment envi d come back, think carefully before buying this game you are warned, good luck for the most stubborn lel

29 July 2019

Review by bumappletea (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Absolutely love this game. It’s very fun to play with friends and there’s always stuff to do. And sure there can sometimes be bugs, but that made my experience on this game even more hilarious and enjoyable!

  • Co-operative
  • No paid server hosting
  • Can tweak game settings however you like
  • Never boring
  • Difficult bosses

16 May 2019

Review by Bloodstained

Game bought on IG

Played this game from quite a while and really enjoyed it a lot. Worth the buying.
I even gifted this game to a friend of mine, since i already had it.
He also enjoy it while playing it solo or with me.

10 March 2019

Review by Maering

Game bought on IG

Very good game and feels like fresh morning air among all others survival games.
Simple yet extensible, survive by any means in the brutal universe of Conan. Play with friends and/or againt random foes. Build. Explore and enslave everyone who block your route to your liberty.

I only experimented a few bugs mostly due to teleport after host death in co-op.

  • Optimized
  • Immersive
  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Conan

16 November 2018

Review by Alessandro Bertozzi (Mega) (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Gioco penoso, un gioco peggiore non lo vedo da tanto. La grafica è carina ma il gioco in sé è vuoto e c’è ben poco da fare, finisce quasi subito. Server quasi vuoti, prestazioni pessime, gira malissimo su qualunque sistema.

  • Innovazione
  • Ambientazione
  • Prestazioni pessime
  • Finisce quasi subito
  • Noioso

16 September 2018

Review by Spartanid0

Game bought on IG

This game is all you ever wanted in terms of base building, taming, pillaging, sacaving, classic RPG with insane gameplay. if you loved ark, conan brings the whole new world, set in deserts and wastelands. And theres naked characters 😀

  • love the game. simply great. Cant wait for full release

15 September 2018

Review by Touhou (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Une vrai bombe, ayant beaucoup aimer ARK, Conan Exiles lui ressemble, une atmosphère top, un crafting compréhensible et facile a prendre en main, des combat epiques etc..
Le solo est un peu redondant mais en multi c’est une vrai aventure ! je recommande ! surtout pour les fan de conan

  • Graphisme
  • Combat
  • Large contenu
  • Le concept
  • L’ambiance
  • Jouer en Solo manque d’action
  • Creation personnage limité
  • Manque de Boss et d’evenement

20 June 2018

Review by Mankigon (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

An amazing game and it shall keep you in business even in solo mode !!! its a pretty good game with or without company !!! In my opinion even this kind of game is not your style just give it a try !!!

  • amazin graphics and good lore

25 May 2018

Review by HexCD (read 5 reviews)

I’ve liked this game from the start (I started playing during the first month of Early Access). The mood and atmosphere really suited me, even though I have little to none experience with the conan universe. Also I generally like open world survival games. I came to Conan from countless hours of Ark: Survival Evolved, and although they have many similarities, this is an entirely different game.

Conan Exiles have had its ups and downs. There has been a LOT of server issues and game bugs, and much of the game mechanics has been revamped several times, such as combat. There has also been some trouble with the developers interraction with the community, but this have improved a lot.

When the game first came out, it didn’t have that much to offer to the survival genre that we hadn’t already seen in similar games, except maybe the avatars, large deity-based creatures that can be summonned at endgame to really wreck havoc on other players. Sadly, this was very overpowered, and the game got boring really quick. The gameplay (for me at least) was mostly Farming -> Building -> Get raided -> Repeat.. But as I said, the mood and atmosphere in this game made it bearable none the less. And sometimes I would just explore, and each time I would find something new, like a new NPC camp, friendly NPC’s that would teach you stuff, some kind of lore (that is scattered around the entire map), caves/dungeons, etc.

The leveling and combat was boring at first, it was mostly just spamming the attack-button on buggy creatures while running around, or shoot the more powerful creatures from a safe place. But this was not a big problem for me, I enjoyed the game anyways. My biggest issue at that time was how easy it was to exploit the game and the mechanics, and the PvP was very unsatisfying. It was more or less required to build your base up high on mountains and such, then remove all the stairs so you couldnt get raided. The whole ordeal was just stupid and sad, and the game couldnt be played the way it was meant to be.

After a couple 100 hours I took a long break from the game. I hadn’t played through any of the dungeons since I mostly played alone, but I reached max lvl and felt like i had seen the most of what the game had to offer.

And now, many months later, I am back.

At first it felt like the same game I had played before, except for a more cinematic intro, and a bit improved Character Creation. But it didnt take long before this felt almost like a new game for me!

The combat feels much more alive now with more dynamic combos and movements. Enemies are WAY less bugged, and they all have their own patterns which is similar to games like Dark Souls. Combat now includes things like lock-on and enemy health bar, which is very satisfying for me. I haven’t tried archery yet, which was my primary fighting method when I first played this game, but I hope I will see improvements there as well.

When it comes to the world in general the map has gotten so much bigger, with two new biomes! Also old familiar places have been pimped up, and the world seems even more lively now. And still, the game is more performance-friendly then ever!

When it comes to PvP I’ve seen a lot of improvements, such as traps for raid protection, counter measures for the avatars, time window for Structure Damage, etc. The combat is also more dynamic now (you can defeat a player even when you have weaker weapons and lower lvl, if you know what you’re doing). This opens up for building more freely, which is a very important aspect for me! Also I feel the community recently has become more friendly (even in Europe, haha).

And then we have the building/crafting aspect, which I’ve always liked in Conan (compared to games like Ark). This have also been greatly modified/improved. There are so many things you can craft, and for the architects out there, there is few limitations when it comes to structures and building. Also, the new system of which you learn the different crafts is so satisfying (for me at least), even though it took some time to get used to.

And last, when you’re not building or engaging in PvP, the gameplay revolves heavily around lore and dungeons. (this is maybe an even more important aspect in PvE). And there is just so much to explore!

Conclusion: Though the game still has bugs (a few which I find severe) I really see a lot of improvements in an already good game, and I cant wait for the release!

The only negative thing I have to say right now is that the plans for mounts and magic is scrapped (for now atleast), and i was SO looking forward to that! 🙁

Hope this was helpful!

Cheers! 🙂

14 May 2018

Review by Metal00 (read 4 reviews)

Guys watch out on this one, game is installing on your PC a spyware, Devs of the game are you fuking seriouse about this? Whata fuking scumbags, collecting data from users and not letting them know about it, when i did now check out what data is actualy redshell collecting, that blow my mind, you have successfully over pass Microsoft on this one, whata idiots. Guys in real world redshell is masked to be a spyware on your PC, stay away from this game, cause anything from web history to windows system data have been collected buy this sh’it!

  • Game contains redshell spyware which is collecting users data and sending online

20 February 2018

Review by gamer-365043 (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

funny and big game with alot of diffrent things to do, hard on pointthat anye animal can kill you if u dont pay attention, big map , alot of objects to build , and its big on grinding materials , and yet its in early acces

21 October 2017

Review by Volencron

Game bought on IG

90 cause its early access yet and there will be more improvements! Besides that its a great game which keeps you busy many hours! One of the best survival games you will ever play and you can play with your friends!

30 March 2017

Review by ChaoticCreative

Game bought on IG

Reasonably fun survival game within the Conan universe. Still needs work, so don’t be surprised at bugs and imbalance. It’s not very different from Rust or ARK in its core mechanics though it does offer some new features which are worth exploring.

  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Interesting gameplay elements from the conan universe
  • Easy to learn
  • Challenging
  • Many Bugs (early access)
  • Limited character animations
  • Server connection problems may occur

09 February 2017

Review by Parashurama

Game bought on IG

I am positively surprised by Conan. This is my first survival game. I’am a fan of everything Conan, so I played Age of Conan (mmorpg) and expected the new Conan to be something similar, but it’s completely different game. I gave Conan 80%

09 February 2017

Review by Rui

Game bought on IG

Very nice and good mateial, flawless graphics, good history, nice artifacs

para quem gosta de jogos de subrevivência, este jogo tme de ser comprado, com uma boa história e bom argumentos femininos, muito bom.

  • nice history
  • nice graphics

13 February 2021

Review by SirCob (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Survie, exploration, construction, challenge, histoire/lore sympathique, mises à jour régulières, contenu inépuisable, etc… : un très bon équilibre RPG/survie,

Que demander de plus ?
(Steam Workshop dispo au cas où ^^)

  • Liberté totale
  • Système de construction et d’aménagement au top
  • Durée de vie infinie
  • Gameplay dynamique (escalade/combats/loot…)
  • Personnalisation complète des paramètres de jeu
  • Quelques petits défauts d’IA des PNJ (rien de problématique)
  • Boss parfois peu adaptés au solo (modification de la difficulté possible)
  • Farming un peu long (modification de la rapidité d’acquisition et de consommation des ressources possible)

11 February 2021

Review by Giarpo7

Game bought on IG

Ottimo titolo, mappa ricca di punti di interesse, possibilità infinite di costruzione e materiale a go go.
C’è ancora margine di miglioramento, ma un ottimo lavoro è stato già svolto.
Spero che abbiano migliorato l’ingaggio nemico.

  • Costruzioni infinite, meccaniche intuitive
  • Schiavi di livello 4, in PvE, quasi introvabili

31 December 2020

Review by Shioda

Game bought on IG

Très bon jeu à tester. Le jeu en lui même n’est pas fameux mais avec du contenu additionnel comme des mods ou directement du RP je trouve que le jeu est incroyable, j’ai actuellement 680 heures de jeu et je m’en lasse pas.

  • Jeu au TOP
  • Très bon graphismes
  • Trop répétitifs si joué sans mods
  • Mal optimisé

12 December 2020

Review by MaxLP (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Im Gesamten ist es ein “Aufbau Framing” spiel, dass relativ viel zeit in Anspruch nimmt (wenn man es nicht so durchsuchtet wie ich) 😉

  • es könnte noch mehr story in spiel

05 December 2020

Review by Anakonda

Game bought on IG

Il manque encore un peu d’optimisation sur le jeu mais sinon c’est un kiff de jouer a se jeu surtout en mode Rôleplay et le nombre de dlc qui rajoute est aussi impressionnant il donne tous envie et en plus de ça sur instant gaming c’est pas cher ^-^

31 October 2020

Review by SLY-Cooper

Game bought on IG

Le jeu en lui même et bien , une fois plonger dans l’aventure , tu crée des armes et boucliers , tu tue des créatures pour leurs peau etc et j’en passe .. il y a pas mal de choses à faire et à réaliser , j’ai bien aimé le coté construire un bâtiments chercher des métaux , dalleurs c’est très variés , le jeu propose des trucs sympa et la jouabilité et assez prenante mais le système de combat et vite lassant , il y aussi les avatars géant que selon ta religion peuvent apparaitre et ça c’est plutôt cool , la maps est grande je valide
la difficulté ça va je valide
la musique d’ambiance et franchement top
voilà beaucoup trop de dlc à mon gout malheureusement

  • armes , boucliers ,
  • maps
  • créatures diverse
  • son d’ambiance

14 October 2020

Review by iazlur (read 8 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Jeu excellent.
Un mélange de survie et de mmorpg assez bien fusionné même si cela peut paraître très perturbant au début.
Des DLC et du contenu massifs qui en font un jeu complet avec une excellente durée de vie.

  • Construction de bâtiments
  • Combats fidèles aux mmorpg
  • Gros contenu de jeu
  • Ambiance et histoire
  • Respawn ressources et créatures
  • Gestion de la vie
  • Manque d’informations sur les ennemis
  • Path finding des IA raté

03 October 2020

Review by Boubeur62TV

Game bought on IG

Trés bon jeu ! Je possède un serveur ISLE OF SIPTAH ! En mode RP , SURVIE, PVE ou PVP une aventure et une expérience a vivre avec beaucoup de contenue . Multijoueur et communautaire, je conseille ce jeu à beaucoup de monde !

  • Mobs divers et très variées
  • Le système de pets et d’esclaves / le craft
  • Beau / Map énorme
  • Histoire/ Univers / Open World
  • Créatures et Pnj
  • déconseiller au -16 ou âme sensible!

24 August 2020

Review by Enzo (read 10 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Es un juegazo, pero yo a las 13o horas, la ca gue, use trucos, y a tomar por cu lo la experiencia de juego, lo desinstalé

es un juegazo, si te gusta conan, te viciaras, y te veras de nuevo las peliculas
yo jugue solo porquemi vida social es mas pobre, que el pelo de tu prima la halopecica

  • si te pica la nalga no es coronavirus
  • 13o horas de vicio he iba x la mitad del juego
  • coronavirus me come los huev os x debajo del cu lo
  • los grises me come to lo gris x detras del cu lo

14 March 2020

Review by Eligriv44 (read 4 reviews)

Après + de 270h de jeux dessus et à peu prêt 2 ans après sa sortie officiel, je joue encore à ce jeux. Serte, niveau graphisme, c’est pas aux niveaux des derniers AAA, mais les graphismes restent largement acceptable, surtout pour un jeux qui se dit Sand-box.

Les devs sont à l’écoute de la communauté, sortent des dlc tout les 3 à 5 mois, pour exemple la commu avaient demandés des pets et des montures, chose qu’ils ont rajoutés (avec un peu de temps quand même, mais ils ont fait). Patch le jeux si il fait sujet de bugs. Et pour moi c’est un point en +.

Très fun à jouer avec une team, même si aujourd’hui les serveurs sont moins complets comparé aux débuts, mais justement la communauté qui est restée est adorable et très soudée. Si vous êtes nouveau et que vous vouliez faire du PvP, vous n’allez pas vous faire “freekill” instant. Car vus qu’il n’a pas énormément de joueur, les anciens ne vont pas faire fuir les nouveaux. (logique). Après, choisissez bien votre serveur.

Pour le jeux en lui même, je le trouve bien, juste un peu dommage qu’il n’y ai pas vraiment d’histoire pour le single-player (le jeux est tourné + vers le multi que le solo) mais il y a un mod qui existe avec des factions, des quêtes, etc… Beaucoup de possibilité au niveaux des constructions. En comparaison avec ARK, il y en a beaucoup + et même sans mods. D’ailleurs beaucoup de mods sont dispos et sont à 90% stables (faite attention, certains mods ne sont pas compatibles avec d’autres et causent des problèmes d’optimisation). Pour moi le jeux est plutôt beau (avec les paramètres aux max) et est bien complet (je conseil de prendre 2 ou 3 dlc en +, car vous risquerez de tourner en rond avec les constructions, le craft, etc.. si vous jouez sans mods bien sûr).

Et pour finir pour ceux qui voudrais commencer à créer des mods, un dev kit est dispo gratuitement sur le launcher Epic (perso je ne l’ai pas testé, mais je pense que c’est bien de le signaler)

  • Très grande maps
  • Communauté sympa
  • Construction de bâtiment sans limite
  • pas vraiment un -, mais besoins de mods si vous jouez solo
  • animation un peu bizard mais rien de méchant

22 February 2020

Review by Lilithina

Game bought on IG

Très bon jeu “survival”, manque quand même de travail graphique sur les mobs… Il manque surement quelques petites touches plus réaliste et un travail sur les personnages encore trop peu personnalisable malheureusement.

  • Map agréable et grande
  • Mobs divers et très variées
  • Tenues personalisable et choix assez divers
  • Mods pas assez diversifier
  • Graphisme encore moyenne

27 December 2019

Review by Polatucos

Game bought on IG

um dos piores jogos que comprei,ja deixei de jogar ha mais de um ano.
edsperdicio de dinheiro.
afastem se deste jogo,mal desenvolvido,bugs,sem nada interessante para fazer.
sempre a mesma monotonia,simpesmente horrivel

17 December 2019

Review by Blindsys (read 2 reviews)

Tout Simplement un must have !

Avec des amis le jeux prends une autre dimension.

N’hésitez pas ce jeu est unique et les dlc ne son pas obligatoire

Les devs sont à l’écoute de leur commu !

la note: 18/20

  • La Map
  • Univers de conan
  • Le craft
  • Liberté quasi total
  • Gameplay
  • Quelques bug avec les touches (clavier)
  • Sur les serveurs pve et pve conflit trop trop trop de construction n’importe ou

05 December 2019

Review by samstorm (read 5 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Das beste Spiel das ich seit World of Warcraft gespielt habe.
sehr fesselnde open world, nahezu alles möglich
man hat so viele Möglichkeiten…ich hatte ein spiel gesucht in dem die zeit verloren geht …
hier ist es so abends 19 Uhr am pc conan an, schaue auf die Uhr 24 Uhr ..omg wo ist die zeit hin…

30 November 2019

Review by Irondeamon

Game bought on IG

quelques glitch mais sinon le jeux est formidable. l’univers se tiens bien et les graphique son époustouflant . la diversité de chose a construire pour les base est tout de meme grande.

je recommande ce jeux

  • glitch graphique
  • inteligence artificiel

11 September 2019

Review by LeStroume’f BFT (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

je trouve Conan Exiles super cool , les graphisme sont magnifique même en qualité bas , énormément de contenu et beaucoup de chose a faire le seul bémol que je peu cite c’est que seul le jeu deviens assez vite lassant .

  • Le jeu est super Complet
  • Il est super fluide
  • les graphisme sont super

23 August 2019

Review by viklash (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

1) le jeu est récent je l’ai payé 9,90€ à Auchan ! En septembre 2004, déja il vaut le coup !!
2) l’animation lente du personnage est comme elle est, et elle très bien et c’est parfaitement jouable au clavier/souris.
3) le jeu est de toute beauté graphiquement pour peu que vous ayez une carte correcte (j’ai une FX5600) avec tout à fond !
4) Il est très sensible aux drivers vidéo : 44.03, 53.03 ok parfait, 56.72 gros bug vidéo, 61.77 il manque des trucs (fantôme, herbes, etc…). Donc, avec certains drivers le jeu est beau ou moche!!!
5) Enfin, les sauvegardes, ben je suis assez loin et j’ai toujours 3,4 (4 max) pierres en stock, pas de problèmes !?

09 July 2019

Review by bodhisattva96 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Come premessa dal titolo sembra un rpg qualsiasi ma mi sono ricreduto acquistandolo prima sulla ps4
survival mondo abbastanza grande e ovvimante la modalita di gioco sia pvp che pve sono pensate davvero bene
penso che ci sia piu gente visto che ha un altra prospettiva confronto a minecraft e ark survival .a mio parere e una grande iniziativa ed speriamo lo continuino ad aggiornare . beh non ve ne pentirete del acquisto fidatevi

11 May 2019

Review by DerDeeenis (read 6 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Macht Spaß, sehr viel Möglichkeiten im Spiel sachen herzustellen. Es gibt große Gebiete die man erkunden kann. Es fehlt aber Reittiere oder dergleichen um schneller zu reisen. Die Graftik ist auch sehr schön.

  • Macht sehr viel Spaß
  • Gute Grafik

11 May 2019

Review by JohanZero (read 2 reviews)

Super Spiel, richtig viel Content, eine große Welt mit verschiedenen Biomen und jede Menge Möglichkeiten seinen Charakter sowie seine Basis weiterzuentwickeln und zu Gestalten. Regelmäßiger Support in Form von Updates der Entwickler rundet das alles noch einmal ab ! Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Spiel und kann eine Kaufempfehlung geben !

07 May 2019

Review by rafatorres

Game bought on IG

obviamente este juego tendrian que ponerle mas cosas, pero claro si la gente no lo compra y yo fuese el creador tampoco me pasaria el dia trabajando en el pero he de decir que me parece un buen juego.

  • Muy Buenos Gráficos
  • PvP
  • Construcción
  • Supervivencia
  • Poca gente de mi país que lo juegue
  • Los servers españoles estan vacios

06 May 2019

Review by RubinPrincess (read 10 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Ich hab bei dem Spiel eine ganze Zeit lang zu geschaut wenn mein Vater es gespielt hat…als ich das Spiel das erste mal gesehen habe, sagte ich mir direkt, ich werde es nie kaufen, aber nach einer Zeit und mehreren Unterhaltungen mit meinem Vater über dieses Spiel, habe ich es doch dann angefangen zu spielen und ich muss ehrlich gesagt zu geben, es ist der Hammer und ich bereue es nicht gekauft zu habe 😀

28 March 2019

Review by Blutgraf (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Top Spiel. Macht Spaß, gibt viel zu erkunden, Zahlreiche Gegner, Story dahinter ist ok, Viele Möglichkeiten seinen Avatar zu verbessern grade wenn man als Gruppe spielt macht es echt Laune aber auch in Single Player zur Entspannung ist es gut gelungen.

Grafisch wie auch Spielerisch ist es schön gestaltet und nicht allzu Kompliziert gehalten. Kleiner Wermutstropfen ist die Rezept Entwicklung. Vieles ist nicht gleich ersichtlich und oftmals muss man vieles einfach erstmal ausprobieren. Wer also einfach nur schnell durch will zum Ziel sollte sich vielleicht lieber ein anderes Spiel aussuchen.

  • Grafik
  • Soundtrack
  • Atmosphäre
  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Crafting etwas unübersichtlich und verwirrend, tut dem Spielerischen Faktor aber keinen Abbruch

14 March 2019

Review by Mika (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

500 heures de jeu pour ma part. Le monde de Conan est magnifique. Assez difficile en mode solo surtout en pvp..Quand vous débutez aller en pve. Sinon vous allez débarquer que certains lvl 60 vous te défoncer par pure plaisir…Certains autres joueurs sont sympas et vous laisse tranquille^^ C’est le bordel dans des gros fight avec plusieurs joueurs malgré les teintures des armures pour soit disant se différencier…Des tabards avec couleurs et motifs seraient les bienvenus:)…ça manque de montures terrestres pour nous transporter malgré une table de téléportation qui vous téléporte aux 4 coins de la map…La carte est très grande mais très petite également car tu es obligé de te mettre dans des endroits stratégiques..Certains endroits ont tout…de l’eau, du souffre, du fer,etc etc..alors que d’autres sont carrément inutiles…Les bons endroits sont squattés par les grosses équipes…Dommage

  • pas mal de possibilités de construction
  • des joueurs qui viennent vous aider au début même en pvp
  • un potentiel énorme
  • pas de montures
  • la plupart des grosses équipes se mettent au lac de souffre
  • des abus de l’administrateur..tue ceux qu’ils n’aiment pas par exemple

10 March 2019

Review by gamer-f421fe

Game bought on IG

Increible juego que han ido mejorando hasta hoy, de una patata a un juego decentemente optimizado y mucho contenido. ¿mi opinión? brutal! merece mucho la pena y tiene un montón de horas de diversión, yo juego actualmente en un server privado español de rol -pvp, con un buenisimo sistema de provincias, que podrás conquistar o forjar tu propio reino. Los raideo solo activos en las horas de mayor actividad. Yo lo recomiendo muchìsimo.


es un servidor con normas así que mejor pasa por su web o discord!



28 February 2019

Review by ElBanana

Game bought on IG

Es un buen juego la verdad divertido pero si no tienes amigos con los que jugar o no eres muy experimentado en el genero se puede hacer aburrido y repetitivo después de unas 20 horas aun así con las expansiones es mas divertido y se puede aprovechar el modo solitario un poco mas

08 February 2019

Review by BananaHD3

Super geiles spiel !
mit einer interessanten Story
und auch eine guten Grafik wie ich finde
Durch das Sklaven halten und sie dann zu dein zu machen macht einfach
das spiel zu das was es ist
und dann die Ressourcen zu sammeln bis man zu mächtigen Herrscher wird.
ich würde dieses spiel am besten empfehlen für Leute die gerne mit freunden spielen
klar kann man es allein spielen aber mit Freunden ist es einfach viel besser

  • es macht einfach Spaß Ressourcen zusammeln wie eisen
  • die Bosse mit freunden oder auch alleine zu besiegen
  • durch die sklaven und das opfern hat das spiel noch ein punkt
  • es gibt manchmal Bugs die stören aber ansonsten ist alles perfekt

24 January 2019

Review by flitzer123 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Es ist ein Gutes Spiel für Zwischendurch …. Viele Möglichkeiten, Anpassungen und auch Grafisch sehr konstant.
Allein macht das Spiel weniger Spass, doch in einer Gruppe ist es unverwechselbar und macht sehr sehr viel freude.

  • Gute Grafik
  • Nettes Teamplay
  • Spannender Aufbau
  • kein Spiel für eine Person

30 December 2018

Review by Tolrindel

Game bought on IG

Bon jeu, joli graphiquement et très complet. Système de housing poussé, le farm est un vrai plaisir pour les chinois comme moi 🙂 A jouer entre potes, ou s’en faire sur le jeu sinon c’est vite chiant.

  • Graphismes
  • Durée de vie
  • Le système de pets et d’esclaves
  • Jouer en solo = se pendre

20 December 2018

Review by Scotty

Game bought on IG

Habe es mir gekauft und war sehr skeptisch ob es wirklich gut ist.
Allerdings hat es sich schnell als sehr spaßig und detailreich herrausgestellt!
Ich kann es auf jedenfall empfehlen zu kaufen 🙂
Macht echt Spaß!

02 December 2018

Review by Berr Iaz (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Jeu complet à la fois RPG Gestion Combat…. Plusieurs types de jeux en un seul, ce qui donne à ce jeu une durée de vie énorme pour ne pas dire infinie, et des multitudes de scénarios possibles. Le plaisir du jeu est réel et le défi immense!!!

  • Durée de vie
  • Plusieurs types de jeu réunis en 1
  • Prenant

28 October 2018

Review by Freikorp (read 15 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Está en fase desarrollo, a mi personalmente no me ha gustado nada este juego. Le doy un 5 por el intento de crear algo en el universo de Conan pero le falta mucho para ser interesante. Mucho craft y ya está..

28 October 2018

Review by Valek79

Game bought on IG

Uno dei migliori se non il miglior Survival in circolazione. Ovviamente deve piacere il genere.
Peccato che la modalità offline non ha una trama o una storia sarebbe più interessante.
Con gli ultimi aggiornamenti è molto migliorato anchese ci sono ancora alcuni bug.

  • Vastità del Mondo di gioco.
  • Ottime modalità on line
  • Grafica e giocabilità
  • ottima varietà di oggetti e armi
  • La modalità offline sarebbe più interessante con obbiettivi che portano alla creazione di una trama

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