Best PUBG Lite Hacks, Cheats

Best PUBG Lite Hacks, Cheats - Download Best PUBG Lite Hacks, Cheats for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

Best PUBG Lite Hacks, Cheats

Download Best PUBG Lite Hacks, Cheats for FREE



Introduction and video

Since its launch in the last year, July 2019, PUBG lite gameplay went through a massive type and gained a great deal of attention from the online players, and it still is. Irrespective of being light in nature, this gameplay is so intense and competitive that even experienced and pros get frustrated from time to time when playing the game. Lavicheats offers the most effective, secure PUBG lite cheats and hacks that give you a multitude of advantages and rewards in the battles and leads towards the trademark victory.

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Our PUBG lite cheats is a powerful amalgam of different types of hacks, scripts, and tools that offer auto-assistance and greatly improve your speed, target, and accuracy. This includes Wallhack, Anti-Ban, Automatic Headshots, Speed Hack, Aimbot, Footprint Hack, Macros & Scripts, BP Hack, and Hacked Mods.

Features: PUBG lite Hack/Cheat Features

Hacked Mods PUBG Lite Hack

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In this particular PUBG lite Cheat and hack, our developers altered the codes of the PUBG Lite game and integrated the new modified programs into the game. The altered version was later encrypted in either an IPA mod or APK mod that is available in this cheat bundle. The APK mode is created for Android users and the IPA one is for iOS users. This hack is compatible with and works perfectly across different types of Android and iOS devices.


Aimbot PUBG Lite Cheat

The use of the Aimbot hack allows you to automatically take the perfect aims and kill your enemies using a single button only. The player can easily, rapidly adjust the crosshair and target it at the targets without having to do any manual work and perform any action. These Aimbots come in different forms and types such as the increased aim assist and color aimbot, which can be used for both iOS and Android PUBG games. Using PUBG Lite Aimbot allows the player to even target and shoot at opponents through the solid objects and walls. Some benefits of using this particular hack:

  • Shoot directly at the opponents’ heads in every go
  • Fire and kill through the objects and walls
  • Set the shooting speed and aiming speed as you want
  • High headshot and killing rate
  • Hit impossible cross-map shots
  • Headshots from long distances

The Aimbot hack will do almost all of the aiming and targeting work with the most accuracy and precision for you. Apart from the auto-aiming and auto headshots, our PUBG Lite Aimbot hack also includes an auto-fire feature, enabling the automatic, rapid-firing when it detects unobstructed and clear shots at competitors.

PUBG Lite Speed Hack

The PUBG lite speed hack is one of the most used and well-liked cheats and hacks. Leveraging the speed hack allows the player to walk or run across the map at the lighting speed and also accelerates the speed of vehicles significantly. This hack sets free both vehicles and the player from various speed control restrictions and makes them move faster. The faster you run or walk around, the easier it will to find your targets, avoid enemies, discover and collect loot and resources, and survive throughout the fights and attacks. This particular hack comes in handy and proves to be the most useful when the player competes in a tight fight and gets some hits, which results in low health and energy. The speed hack will allow you to run speedily, hide, and heal yourself when the need arises.


PUBG Lite Wallhack

PUBG Lite Wallhack.jpeg

Our wallhack will enable you to see through the walls, objects, barriers, and obstacles. Using this hack enables you to spot your opponents and aim as well as a shot at your opponents through the opaque walls and objects. In addition, the loot, ammo, vehicles, weapons, arms, supply drops, health kits, and other significant items will also be visible to you through the sold materials or covers, which helps you gain an upper hand over other players in the gameplay. The wallhack works by scanning the entire map for the items and objects available in the proximity and highlighting them on the player’s screen. It also gives you the power to see the game items in the loot crates and boxes that are thrown down from the sky. As follows, you no longer have to go from one house or building to another and scan each of them to find and get the items. That also means you can survive longer, get the best loot crates, and earn more Battle Points and rewards.

PUBG Lite Battle Points Hack

Are you having trouble getting your hands on the Battle Points and L-COIN in the gameplay? If so, that’s totally understandable. The player can secure the in-currency “Battle Points” by playing through and winning PUBG’s campaigns, missions, and matches and then use them to purchase different gaming assets and items from the store. However, fighting against the players famished for your blood and flesh and getting engaged in the tough, life-threatening competitions to earn battle points is quite difficult.
This hack will automatically make battle points and L-COIN for you, so that you can easily upgrade your weapons and Javelin, buy exclusive skins, costumes, and other items, and deck out. Four factors that play for what amount of BP the player will get are:

  • Kills: the total number of players you kill
  • Rank: what your rank is in the game
  • Hits: the total damage percentage you inflict to your targets
  • Game Mode: which mode you choose to play: Solo, Duo, or Squad

Apart from these hacks mentioned above, our PUBG Lite cheats and hacks also include:

  • Menu hack for PUBG Lite
  • Macros and Scripts PUBG Lite hack
  • High jump hack for PUBG Lite
  • Flying vehicles hack for PUBG Lite
  • ESP hack
  • No Recoil and No Footprints
  • Auto speed shots and headshots

What Does Make Lavicheats PUBG Lite Cheats and Hacks Better than Others?

With the increasing craze for PUBG among the teens, kids, as well as adults, a number of PUBG lite cheats and hacks have been developed and offered to the online players in form of a file manipulation or software. However, most of them are not secure and can easily be detected. That means your PUBG game account might get banned if an anti-cheat software detects that you are using some sort of cheat and scripts to cheat.
Our programmers at Lavicheats develop and offer only the finest, robust PUBG lite hacks and cheats that help you win against other players as soon as you hit the play while providing ultimate against different anti-cheat software and tools, like BattleEye and HackShield. That enables the players to cheat in the gameplay and enjoy the same impressive visuals, storyline, and experience even without worrying about getting their account banned permanently.

PUBG Lite Gameplay overview:

The PUBG Lite is a light version, but it features intense battles and firefights and offers the same experience as the normal version of this gameplay and is available to download and play on Steam, PS4, Mobile, and Xbox. The overall gameplay, graphics, and competition are great. In PUGB lite, the player can play in a team of 2, join a squad, or just go solo. Depending on the player’s game strategy and weapons collected, they can pick between different modes. The gameplay also offers a huge map and a mini-map, with multiple locations and areas for hiding away, finding loot and resources, and participating in the firefights.

It also provides a wide range of advanced and powerful weapons, vehicles, armors, machine guns, grenades, and other resources.  Similar to its standard version that was released in the year 2018, the PUBG lite gameplay starts with 1oo players landing from the plane at an island. Since PUBG is all about extreme competitions and survival, the online players are required to find and collect the best loot, weapons, and resources and kill their opponents before someone else shoots the player square in the head.
With the help of Lavicheats’ PUBG Lite hacks and cheats, you can survive through and triumph all the missions and competitions, earn more XP, Battle Points, L-COIN, and rewards, and get the best armors, weapons, health supplies, and loot crates.

How to Get and Use PUBG Lite Hacks and Cheats?

  • Signup to our forum and purchase access to our PUBG Lite hacks and cheats file
  • Install and download the game ZArchiever
  • Extract the files of PUBG Lite cheat script on your device
  • Open and run the PUBG Lite game on your device and execute the cheating script.
  • Once the script is executed, you will see a floating icon on your screen.
  • Tap that icon to use different hacks and combine them in the PUBG Lite game.

User Reviews


Best cheats for you! cheap and reliable . Flying cars to much fun.

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Member: xman



I have been using pubg lite supreme and livestreaming from 6 months now. it hides the hack when you stream top quality! 5/5 ratings.

Rating: 5/5


Member: orion



Lavicheats provide best cheats so far for most of the popular games.

Rating: 5/5


Member: Juaa31



Just bought the hack yesterday. All seems to be working as its intended no fps drops or lags. Happy with my purchase.

Rating: 5/5


Member: Dustin



I have good stats in NA with pubg Supreme i am glad i bought cheat from here.

Rating: 5/5


Member: Gamer21


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