Releases · eiz/SynchronousAudioRouter

Releases · eiz/SynchronousAudioRouter - Download Releases · eiz/SynchronousAudioRouter for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

Releases · eiz/SynchronousAudioRouter

Download Releases · eiz/SynchronousAudioRouter for FREE


  • Fix processes hanging when stopping ASIO
  • Fix leaks and crashes using the driver verifier tool
  • Add SAR device removal in the uninstaller
  • Add SAR Configuration tool to open the SAR config dialogbox without needing a DAW


If you uninstalled the previous version before, you may need to reboot your PC before installing this version.

Note: This version is not signed.
See here for why: #86 (comment)

This means that it is required to enable testsigning boot option to make Windows load the driver. Else the driver won’t be loaded.
To do this:

  • Run cmd in administrator mode
  • Run the command Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON

Note that some anti-hack systems of certain games might refuse to work with testsigning mode enabled.

For more information about testsigning option, see here:

Commits since last tag v0.13.1:

  • appveyor: ensure release’s tag name is the same as the tag that triggered the build
  • Merge pull request #92 from eckende/patch-1
  • Add asioconfig as a way to open config dialog
  • appveyor badge
  • Update HOWTO
  • Add appveyor.yml to auto deploy tags to github releases
  • Merge pull request #65 from amurzeau/support-less-channels-and-speaker-configuration-panel
  • SarInstaller: use DiUninstallDevice
  • Driver: fix build on midnight because of timezone mismatch with Inf2Cat
  • SarInstaller: suppress ICE69 generated for the shortcut
  • Update version
  • Don’t sign executables as the certificate is not available
  • Driver: target Windows7 in all VS configurations
  • SarConfigure: add configuration tool
  • Upgrade projects to VS 2017
  • glog: use sources instead of prebuilt binaries
  • SarAsio: use std::wstring for descriptions and paths (#53)
  • SarAsio: Fix buffer overrun
  • Driver: add more logs with levels
  • SarAsio: fix SetupDiGetClassDevs leak
  • SarAsio: Handle different type of sample
  • SarAsio: Fix crash in case of threaded bufferSwitch(tick)
  • Driver: remove unused clockRegister.
  • Driver: fixup some things
  • Driver: Add topology filter and dynamic channel count
  • Driver IOCTL: Use consistent KS/SAR dispatch
  • Driver: Enable POOL_NX_OPTIN
  • Driver: unmap section when controlContext is destroyed
  • Driver: fix warnings reported by the static analysis
  • Merge pull request #62 from amurzeau/fix-all-comboboxes-height
  • Fix other combox controls height
  • Merge pull request #61 from amurzeau/fix-hwlist-combox-empty-dropdown
  • Fix ASIO HW combobox dropdown size
  • Merge pull request #60 from amurzeau/fix-process-hang-irp-leak
  • Driver: fix IRP leak and client process hang
  • Clarify README.

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