Future – Minecraft Client Leaks

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Future – Minecraft Client Leaks

Download Future – Minecraft Client Leaks for FREE

    Let me guess… you are here probably because of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKue45B0MRU.     You guys seriously got to stop believing what xTurtle says. There’s nothing even special with this client. He thinks the anti-knockback on this client is so powerful, but it’s basically just anti-knockback with nohurtcam. He thinks the timer is so fast, but most of the time when timer goes at that speed, it’s basically useless on servers with an anticheat.     Overall, this client is a pain to use. It’s even a pain to install. The installation process is even more complicated than injecting a ghost client. You literally have to give your computer hardware id to the client maker for you to use it. That means even if you are the same person, the client can only be used on 1 computer. For me, to install, I first have to pay for the client on the website. I then have to wait hours and hours for a confirmation email from the creator of the client. He/She then sends me an installer, where I had to install a bunch of different mods on loaders. After that, I had to somehow find my own HWID (Hardware ID), and then send it to him/her. After that, I had to wait hours for a reply, and wait for days for the installer to activate on my computer. After I am able to run the installer and download everything else, I still couldn’t run the client. The client is still locked, and the client maker had to give us instructions to manually unlock it, such as downloading more private files and things.    I personally believe Future Hacked Client is a waste of 20 dollars. The process of installing it is so tedious and pointless. The client isn’t even that special, and yet there is such a huge amount of security on this thing.     Because of the amount of security on this client, this client is really difficult to leak. I couldn’t guarantee to you guys that what you download here will work, because I have no idea to what extent will the security on this client be. It just doesn’t want to get leaked.  Therefore, I have decided to leave a download link for literally everything I have of this client. If it works for you, good for you. If it doesn’t, I’m pretty sure there are client makers out there who can get into this client and take out all the files, and I’m pretty sure they can use this to make a working leaked version.

    Because the client has many different versions, to download, you will have to go onto one of the sub-pages, and select the version you want to download.

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