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Posted by AndrewPH • 20 comments


I just got finished writing an oauth provider into the ClassiCube website, and simultaneously got bored of maintaining the old forum code.

So I’ve gone and made a new forum, with none of the old classic threads you know and love, but with almost all of the ease-of-posting that came with the old forums.

All you need to do is slap that “Sign in with ClassiCube account” button and click ‘yes, log in’ to get logged in here.

But Andrew, where the heck did all the old posts go?

Don’t worry, they’re still there, right where you left them. You can access them at the same old site. Everything’s just read-only, meaning you can’t post or edit anything.

Due to the radical change in how this forum software works vs the old handmade one, it’s not really possible for me to automatically move all threads over. The idea is we (the team, or you) can copy and paste threads over as wanted.

But really, why?

I wrote the old forums from scratch (well, with Flask) and they were buggy and relatively poorly written because I was much more inexperienced when I wrote it.

Now that I’m much more experienced at writing large applications, I don’t have the drive to rewrite my poorly-written mess of a forum system. Additionally, since they’re directly coupled with the rest of the site, any change I made had a chance of breaking the rest of the site for a moment. Adding new features that required database changes were iffy because I don’t have a good migration system set up to perform schema modifications. It was a mess.

This new system allows me to decouple the forums entirely from the site, only relying on the site for logins (which are handled via oauth, no custom wizardry!) and hosted on an entirely different system.


anyway, thanks.

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