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Become a true cyber-hacker

Who hasn’t dreamed of one day making millions as a hacker? In Uplink you perform all sorts of jobs for major corporations, hacking into servers, stealing files and making money in the process.

Uplink adds a realistic touch to the game, as you start out by being hired and have a set of software tools, including crackers and file removers, to work with. You regularly receive missions via email, which you can decide to perform any time.

The game is obviously aimed at geeks, or anyone who was left fascinated with the Matrix as it includes a very technical side to it, where you can actually check the performances of your own PC and improve it. You’ll also have to manage the money you earn wisely, as you can invest in shares and monitor the stock market.

Despite weak graphics, Uplink is a very exciting game with a strategical side to it. Will appeal to wannabe hackers.

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