Strategy Guide: Fundamentals: League of Legends New Player/Beginner Guide by The All Tomato

Strategy Guide: Fundamentals: League of Legends New Player/Beginner Guide by The All Tomato - 2020/5/13 brushed up the intro chapter. - Free Cheats for Games

Strategy Guide: Fundamentals: League of Legends New Player/Beginner Guide by The All Tomato

Download Strategy Guide: Fundamentals: League of Legends New Player/Beginner Guide by The All Tomato for FREE

2021/1/21 New season updates begin! Accounting for new information, and brushing up my writing. It’s a WIP so more updates to follow.

2020/5/13 brushed up the intro chapter.

2020/5/2 FINALLY updated for season 10. Added everything about dragons, as well as teleport changes. Also, brushed up the items chapter a bit.

2019/10/7 Formatting and graphics updated.

2019/3/9 Updated for Season 9.

2018/9/24 Corrected magic penetration values and some ability descriptions. Removed references to Sweeping Lens.

2018/7/29 Streamlined and added resource links to the Runes section; updated the synergistic items example; updated the item build examples for Annie, Ashe, and Garen; fixed a single typo that must have been there FOREVER; made minor coding/formatting changes; added U.GG to the resource links.

2018/4/13 removed references to Sightstone and Tracker’s Knife. RIP

2018/4/9 Corrected the Lethality examples and added some parentheses to the formula for clarity.

2018/2/13 Added a link to a Riot Support page with instructions for free skins.

2018/1/7 Corrected the First Win of the Day reset time.

2017/12/3 Added a donation link because why not? Fixed some outdated mentions – masteries/supports, Runeglaive, etc.

2017/11/30 updated for Preseason. Most notable changes made to Runes and champion classes.

2017/8/27 mentioned Kayn in Champions chapter, minor text edits.

2017/7/13 updated to reflect Lethality changes.

2017/6/13 consolidated the champion damage types and roles sections, because it should have been written that way in the first place.

2017/6/12 removed/consolidated links in the addendum.

2017/5/28 Updated the intro to include some key search phrases to hopefully increase traffic.

2017/5/3 Updated to 7.9 – Switched mentions of Abyssal Scepter to Banshee’s Veil, Rift Herald, etc. Also cleaned up a few sections and images. I’m always surprised by how I keep finding better ways to write things.

2017/4/26 Oh hey, it’s been awhile. Modernized some info, cleaned up resource recommendations in the addendum.

2016/11/14 I’m trying to simplify, leaving only the essentials, because, you know, the title. Started by reworking the Vision chapter.

2016/11/12 Light edits.

2016/11/11 Updated for Preseason!

2016/10/7 Added Ivern to the list of junglers. Nunu is no longer alone.

2016/8/10 Improved the explanation of structures and early chapters.

2016/7/6 Current for 6.13. Improved the Items chapter.

2016/5/19 Updated for 6.9 and 6.10. Lots of changes!

2016/4/23 Added a note about Jhin’s basic attacks, edited Mastery advice in regards to Keystones, tweaked some formatting, and removed mention of the Dominion game mode (RIP).

2016/2/25 Added Shen to the jungler list for 6.4.

2016/2/17 Updated the dragon buff list for 6.3.

2016/2/6 Added Graves to the jungler list.

2016/1/13 First change of the year! Made some small updates to keep up with game changes, added a small explanation of ranged auto attack projectiles.

2015/12/31 Last change of the year?! Fixed a mention of Ashe’s old passive, Ignite’s old interaction with healing from outside sources, and included info about the Rift Herald’s dropped buff object and monster Patience.

2015/11/15 Polished the warding chapter.

2015/11/13 Preseason round 2 complete. Did lots of other editing, too.

2015/11/12 Preseason updates round 1: complete.

2015/10/13 Shortened the ‘About Me’ section.

2015/8/22 Finished updating the HUD section. Also cleaned up the resources and some other stuff.

2015/8/2 Updated the HUD chapter in preparation for the incoming HUD changes.

2015/7/21 Updated the Mastery page image, Inhibitor turret changes, & other minor edits.

2015/7/15 Added Runeglaive. Will brush up minor changes and Mastery changes soon.

2015/4/20 Fixed wrong information left over from the removal of Revive.

2015/3/25 Fixed title character length to match website constraints.

2015/3/21 Changed title for better Google results.

2015/3/13 Replaced ‘Juggernaut’ with ‘Cinderhulk’

2015/3/11 Added a blurb about what LoL is, exactly. Used keywords like “MOBA” and “real-time strategy” and “resources” to show off how much I know about video games.

2015/2/25 Removed Revive for 5.4, may it stay dead this time

2015/2/20 Made some clarity changes. Made a note about champion sales in ‘Getting Started’.

2015/2/13 Fixed a formatting bug. Took the opportunity to edit other writing and formatting throughout. Added skill order advice to ‘Abilities’, Olaf to the list of junglers, LoL Class to the resources, and some terminology.

2015/1/16 Expanded the mechanics lesson and cleaned up the Addendum chapter overall.

2015/1/15 Updated for Patch 5.1. Yay junglers! Yay D Gates! Yay Void Portals!

2015/1/11 Added the new player champ rotation, a PSA about free skins through Riot’s social media, a warning about RP and skin scams, and an image for Inhibitor respawn color ring things.

2015/1/1 New year same schmear. Made minor content updates like Elixirs and Rek’Sai, brushed up the Interface and Terminology sections.

2014/12/28 Updated some Dragon and Baron changes I missed…oops. Also edited writing based on critiques.

2014/12/23 Edited chapters 1-9 based on critiques.

2014/12/21 Minor changes to formatting and wording.

2014/12/20 Added header graphics to all chapters. Changes all rules to table rules and colored the section dividers orange.

2014/12/19 Corrected info about ward skins.

2014/12/13 Updated a couple images and ‘Terminology, Resources, & Lessons’.

2014/12/11 Updated for Patch 4.21. RIP 4.20 you were hazy.

2014/12/3 Finished updating screenshots to ones taken from the new SR.

2014/12/2 Completed the new jungle chapter. May add a bit of strategy later. Updated the ward location map image.

2014/11/21 Preseason update round 1 complete! Image updates and a new chapter just for the jungle incoming!

2014/11/16 Updated the names of monsters to match the updated Summoner’s Rift.

2014/11/15 Refined the “Supplemental Lessons”. Re-added Voyboy to the recommended Twitch streams!

2014/11/11 Updated the Resources.

2014/10/27 Updated my stream plugs to be more shameless.

2014/10/21 Edited my writing. Took the word “game” out of the title because it didn’t need to be there.

2014/10/04 Polished some writing.

2014/9/26 Updated’s description because it’s awesome.

2014/9/19 Cut and relocated info from the item chapter. Cut down the Interface chapter.

2014/9/18 Fixed some typos and formatting. Slight content edits.

2014/9/15 Edited the entire guide except the Interface chapter. Cleaner and better all around.

2014/9/14 Improved the Rune and Mastery chapters.

2014/9/8 Clarified and elaborated on choosing items and the meta. Added a link to my brand spanking new Twitter, because I’m hip enough now.

2014/8/31 Updated streamers in Resources.

2014/8/26 Added more turret terminology.

2014/8/22 Added hypercarry to Terminology. Fixed MOBAFire capitalization, typos, and syntax.

2014/8/19: Updated Resources. Added blurb about jungle timers.

2014/8/7: Many formatting changes, including rule breaks. Added terminology. Added change log.

2014/7/14 Formatting update.

2014/7/4 Added chapter “Summoner’s Rift Envirionment”.

2014/7/3 Formatting updates, content changes to “Introduction”, “Abilities”, and “SR Strategy”. Condensed additional info, resources, terminology into one chapter.

2014/4/16 Condensed chapters to reduce ToC length and provide clarity.

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