How To Get Free RP For League Of Legends

How To Get Free RP For League Of Legends - It seems like just about everyone who plays League of Legends is looking for ways to earn free RP online - even if sometimes those methods aren't exactly the most practical! - Free Cheats for Games

How To Get Free RP For League Of Legends

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It seems like just about everyone who plays League of Legends is looking for ways to earn free RP online – even if sometimes those methods aren’t exactly the most practical!

To help you in your quest to find free Riot Points we’ve compiled a short list of methods that people are trying, as well as our honest opinions on each of these methods.

What’s The Difference Between Riot Points And Influence Points?

Some people get confused between Riot Points (RP) and Influence Points (IP) because, in many cases, they do the same things.

The biggest difference is that IP can be earned by grinding in the game, whereas RP normally has to be purchased with real money.

What Is RP Used For?

Generally RP can only be used items of convenience, or customization, rather than things that could severely affect gameplay. It’s a way for Riot Games, the owners of League of Legends, to earn money from additional DLC, without ruining the game itself.

Probably their most important use is to purchase champions. You can think of these as avatars with special abilities. There’s a wide range of different champions available, so it’s important to find one that precisely fits your play style. You can also purchase champions with IP but it will cost a lot more.

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Fortunately, the only thing RP is used exclusively for is vanity items such as custom skins for your champions. This is probably a good thing, since I’ve seen many games ruined by payed DLC that actually affected gameplay. It was totally unecessary and ruined the games I was playing.

What Is IP Used For?

IP can be used to unlock most items that RP can be used for such as Champions, Runes and additional Runebook Pages from the Riot Store. As I mentioned before, the only thing it can’t be used for is certain vanity items.

When Do You Get Free RP In LoL?

Unlike IP, players generally don’t receive free RP inside the game itself. However, occasionally free RP is given out to players in order to compensate them for excessive server problems, or for good community behaviour in the game.

In other words, it’s a very rare occurance and I wouldn’t hold your breath!

Are There Any Free RP Giveaways?

Occasionally a YouTuber, or other social media influencer, will do a free RP giveaway and sometimes these giveaways are real. But in the majority of cases they are fake.

However, even if they are real, you’re still competing with hundreds of other people.

Do Free RP Generators Work? I Want No Surveys, And No Downloads!

There are hundreds of scam sites that pretend to be able to generate free RP. Usually they will show you some pre-recorded sequence where they pretend to be able to hack into Riot Games’ servers or something along those lines. This is utterly ridiculous, but unfortunately young people can be easily preyed upon by unscrupulous website owners.

Usually these sites will first ask you to share their site on your social media – to attrack new victims.

Finally they will ask you to complete some survey, download or other offer in order to “prove you are human”. Once they’ve achieved this objective for them, they won’t be interested in you anymore. Certainly you won’t receive any free RP.

Careful: Never Give Out Your Account Username and Password

Never give out your account username and password. Even if a website is insisting that they need it, in order to send you free RP. There are thousands of scam sites out there that only exist to hack your account. If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Points Sites Do Work

There are a few sites that do offer geniune opportunities to get free RP, such as PointsPrizes. Generally these sites will have a points system which allows you to gradually earn enough for the company, so they can then afford to purchase you some free RP.

Once you’ve earned enough points, they’ll email you a free League of Legends gift card code, which you can redeem in the Riot Store. The reason these points sites do work is because, unlike all the scams out there, they actually have a viable business model.

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In summary…

How To Get Free RP

  1. Avoid sites that ask for your account username and password. That could result in your acount being hacked.
  2. Find a site with a viable business model, such as a points reward website. Usually this will involve you completing tasks or surveys.
  3. Earn enough points, coins or credits to claim a free League of Legends gift card code.
  4. Redeem your gift code in the League of Legends Store, for Riot Points

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