“Best” Support with Jinx? – League of Legends

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“Best” Support with Jinx? – League of Legends

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My friend mains ADC and I main support. I played a custom game with Jinx, so i know how she plays, so I can get used to it when he gets on. What support do you guys think best synergizes with Jinx?

My thoughts:

Leona: Setting up an easy w for jinx, and giving the duo a very large amount of CC. The problem I see is against a very early aggressive bottom, taking immediate advantage level 1 and 2, setting you behind.

Janna: Shield adds AD to Jinx’s stupid 1.4 ratio on her w, however, this relies more on hitting the difficult cc from jinx since its hard for janna to set anything up. However, careful use of her tornado’s, and more aggressive use of her slow would allow for easier engagements.

Nami: Boost Jinx’s terrible MS by applying e to her, and have jinx go in for a snare, making nami’s bubble easy to hit, not sure if Nami’s e would apply to everything hit on a rocket shot, but would be worth looking into.

Sona: Similar AD boost as Janna (though lower). Good poke, and sustain in lane, as well as MS buff to allow Jinx to get in for snare placement.

Thresh: Pretty much good with anyone, nothing to say here.

Anyone else’s thoughts on who would be the best support to choose with Jinx?

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