vitahacks – [AMD][MOONSHELL][OPENSTREAM] Stream PC games to PSVITA for AMD gpu

vitahacks - [AMD][MOONSHELL][OPENSTREAM] Stream PC games to PSVITA for AMD gpu - Download vitahacks - Stream PC games to PSVITA for AMD gpu for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

vitahacks – [AMD][MOONSHELL][OPENSTREAM] Stream PC games to PSVITA for AMD gpu

Download vitahacks – [AMD][MOONSHELL][OPENSTREAM] Stream PC games to PSVITA for AMD gpu for FREE


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Found out today how to properly stream PC games to psvita if you have AMD gpu.

Actually, you can stream to vita everything. I mean with proper framerate.

It should work for Nvidia also, but can’t test myself.

My setup is old and cheap but can manage this flawlessly.

For your reference:

Cpu Intel Core Quad Q9550 AMD R9 280x 3gb 8gb ddr2 ram Cheap 300n pci wifi card Cheap wifi repeater

In my configuration, Pc and psvita are connected alone to a 13€ wifi repeater. If you connect to the same network your smartphone and keepsending/receiving whatsapp videos, don’t expect this to work properly. Connection will drop, lag will happen. This really relies on wifi quality you can throw at them.

Packed everything working for me here:


Pretty much straight forward,

1. install moonlight client on psvita 2. install openstream server on pc (it will also install gamepad drivers) 3. start openstream, go to Configure, select the h264 encoder (1st one) 4. Go back and start Server. 5. Open moonlight, connect to the server.

– On moonlight you need to add manually the pc name and ip address.

Your ip and PC name info: open cmd and type ipconfig /all

– Once paired with password, go for “Desktop” (no Steam BigPicture).

Any game you will launch fullscreen will be sent to the vita, controls are set already.

At the worst, you’ll have to configure them, like for some emulators.


1. If you get

“Fatal: Couldn’t bind RTSP server to port [*****]”

and “Server down”, do not close Open-Stream and open cmd as administrator.

Then input:

netstat -ano | findstr *****

Mind to replace the ***** (5 digits) with the port shown in the error, for example, 48010

and kill the process with the following:

taskkill /f /pid ****

replace **** (4 digits) with the id shown in the previous command response.

2. Please note a codec pack is required by OpenStreamto work.

K-lite codec pack I use

3. If server is up and psvita can’t connect, keep trying. It will.

4. I also suggest to go into psvita settings, scroll all the way down to power save settings,

and deactivate wifi power save mode.



The Witcher III (had to change xinput1_3 file for controller to work properly)

Metal Gear V TPP (no problems)

Blasphemous (v2.x works ok, v1.x has input problem)

Resident Evil 2 Remake (no problem)

Citra emulator (no problem)

Street Fighter V (the very tiny lag doesn’t match these kind of games)

EDIT: I had this idea, if you know about playnite

u/TsukikoChan found out how launch apps from moonlight adding services to the menu.


What I did was edit “apps_windows.json” file stored in

C:Program FilesOpenstreamassets

As it’s write-protected you may have to unprotect it first from “properties”,then with Notepad++ edit like this:

{ “env”:{ “PATH”:”$(PATH);G:\Playnite\” }, “apps”:[ { “name”:”Playnite”, “output”:”playnite.txt”, “cmd”:”G:\Playnite\Playnite.FullscreenApp.exe” } ] }

Where “G:\Playnite\” is the path you have playnite installed.

Windows paths have only one so make sure you edit the file properly.

Find my settings here


Thanks and credits to:

u/TsukikoChan (SHE found out first but got no luck and her post got bot-eatenIt’s her we need to thank for the main info I collected here)

u/PaulMaximumsetting (I suppose one of those behind Openstream, support the project!)

Find the software also here:

and the source here:

If you try to google “open stream” there’s a lot of garbage and it’s noteasy to get to the app, that’s why I’m packing and linking here.

Link to Tsukiko comment for more code informations:

Hope this helps. Long live psvita!

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