Rogue Company Hacks | Aimbot & ESP Cheat Download

Rogue Company Hacks | Aimbot & ESP Cheat Download - Download Rogue Company Hacks | Aimbot & ESP Cheat Download for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

Rogue Company Hacks | Aimbot & ESP Cheat Download

Download Rogue Company Hacks | Aimbot & ESP Cheat Download for FREE

It’s incredibly easy to start dominating in Rogue Company with Wallhax’s cheat software. After you’ve created your account and chosen your Rogue Company cheat subscription, you’ll be able to download our dedicated cheat client which makes injecting your cheats securely into any game we support incredibly easy.

From the cheat client you can easily stream the latest version of the software from our servers, see the current status of each supported game, as well as see the latest software updates we’ve made.

The cheat loading process only takes a matter of seconds, and you cheat will be inected into the game. At that point, the cheat menu will open, and you can use the default feature settings which are ready to go ‘out of the box’, or start building your perfect configuration which you can save for later and continue to iterate on. You can configure just about every aspect of the features, from ESP color to whether you see healthbars and nametags or boxes and tracelines.

The latest multiplayer shooter from Hi-Rez, well known developers of titles like Smite, Rogue Company puts you in the role of an elite agent tasked with saving the world. 

One element that makes Rogue Company unique is its focus on 60 FPS on console gameplay, and cross-play on just about every current console including PC. You’ll be able to play with friends and other players from every console eco-system including Xbox, Playstation, Switch and PC. This should help give the game a larger audience, and with F2P there’s likely to be a lot of players checking the game out.

Choosing your agent is a key decision in each match you play, as individual agents have unique abilities such as the ability to place down a barricade for cover, or the ability to move without making any noise. The unique character abilities can be compared to perks in some titles like Call of Duty, or the abilities of characters in Overwatch.

The game features a number of game modes, including a 4v4 mode called ‘Extraction’, where you play as an attacker or defender of an objective, with one life per round. There’s also ‘Strikeout’ which keeps an objective but gives each team a number of respawns, giving you the option to eliminate the opponents to remove their respawns. 

With access to hacks like our aimbot and ESP, you’ll be able to dominate in every one of these game-modes. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is wrecking your opponents so hard that they leave the game!

Each time you spawn in Rogue Company, you’ll be able to glide down to the map and essentially choose where you enter the map. This is similar to the parachuting and gliding mechanics commonly seen in the battle royale genre, but slightly more limited in Rogue Company. You can only glide so far so you typically won’t be able to go from the air straight into the action.

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