Pokemon Gold Cheats for GameShark

Pokemon Gold Cheats for GameShark - Download Pokemon Gold Cheats for GameShark for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

Pokemon Gold Cheats for GameShark

Download Pokemon Gold Cheats for GameShark for FREE

Pokemon Gold Game Shark Codes


Last Updated: Dec 9th 2020

Pokemon Gold cheats are easily entered via the cheat menu of your emulator, or if you are playing on the original GameBoy Color cartridge, you’ll need a GameShark to enter these cheats.

How to Enter Pokemon Gold Cheats

Simply grab the cheat you want from our website, then go to the cheat menu of your game (either in the emulator or on the GameShark), then copy and paste the code and save it. Activate it when you are ready to start the cheat.

Things to remember

´Save your progress before you activate any cheat.

– Only have one or two cheats activated at the same time.

– Deactivate the cheat you are using when you are finished with it. You can reactivate it again if you need it later.

– Only save your game again once you are sure you are happy nothing odd has happened to your game. If it has, don’t save and return to the last save point before you activated the cheat.

Pokemon Gold Cheats for GameShark - Download Pokemon Gold Cheats for GameShark for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

Pokemon Gold

Best Pokemon Gold Cheats

All of the cheats do different things, some are more useful than others, and some are just a load of fun to see what happens. Here is a run down of some of the best Pokemon Gold cheats you can find today on SuperCheats.

1. Master balls Cheat
Along with the Rare Candy cheat, the masterball cheat is about my absolute favourite Pokemon Gold cheat. It’s super simple to use and has been proven to work. You just have to enter this code ‘0101E2D5’ and then look in your key items pocket and you should have master balls. Go here for more details on this master ball cheat and some other codes.

2. Rare Candy Cheat
Another cool code is the Rare Candy cheat, with unlimited rare candies you can literally level up any Pokemon you want to whatever level you want them. Getting your Typhlosion or any Pokemon to level 100 is super simple now just enter and activate this code in the ‘0120E2D5’ cheat menu. For more details about this cheat, read here.

3. Get all 16 Badges
With these two codes you can get all of the Johto and Kanto badges. To get the codes and find out how it’s done, head over to this page.

4. Walk Through Walls
Another favourite is the walk through walls cheat. You can roam anywhere with this cheat activated. Walk Through Walls cheat

5. No Encounter Code
This code is particularly useful if you don’t want to have any battles when you are walking around. If you are having trouble with the walk through walls cheat, and maybe it is crashing out because you are meeting Pokemon where you should not be, try activating this no encounter code at the same time.

6. Get TMs / HMs and Encounter Selected Pokemon
This is a great page of codes which will give you the option to meet any Pokemon you want in the game, you can also get all of the TMs and HMs.

7. Pokemon Gender Selector
Select the gender of the Pokemon that you encounter in the wild, or that you already have in your collection with these codes. Pokemon Gender Selector.


Good codes to help you and some just for fun

These cheats should be entered individually, as separate codes. So if you want master balls, save and activate the master balls cheat. It will repla..



No Random Battles

If you want to just run through the game without encountering any Pokemon use the following cheat.

No Random Battles: 01000bd2

Enter and activ..



Fast Egg Hatch

Get any of your 6 eggs hatching fast with the following codes. Enter each one as a separate 8 digit code according to which egg you want to hatch.



Infinite casino coins

Get infinite casino coins with this two line code. Enter and activate the following code. When you are done, deactivate the code before saving the g..



Get all 16 Badges

Each of these codes should be entered and activated individually. Once you have confirmed that you have the badges, you can deactivate the code.




Infinite HP

Go into battle with Infinite HP for your Pokemon with this one line code:


Enter and activate this code and your Pokemon in position 1..



All item and all Pokemon codes

Get any TM and HM with this following code, use the main code then replace the ‘xx’ with the two digit code which corresponds to the TM or HM that y..



Rebattle Any Gym Leader

If you want another try at a gym leader that you have already beat, you can enter and activate the following code.


Once you..



Here’s every TM/HM in simple fomat in other words you don’t have to keep looking up and down or if you’re on an emultor uer constinly copying and p..



Walk Through Walls

Walk anywhere on the map in Pokemon Gold with this cheat. Enter and activate this four line code then you should be able to walk anywhere you want i..



Pokemon Gender Modifier

Select the gender of the Pokemon that you meet while this cheat is activated.

It’s pretty useful if you want a specific gender of Pokemon while u..



Useful and Fun Game Shark codes

Here are some useful Game Shark Codes:

Pokemon Digits

***sorted by number***
01 – Bulbasaur 40 – Kadabra 7F – Pinsir BE..



TMs Items and Pokemon code

0163xxD5 (Replace xx With codes Below)

TM01 7E
TM02 7F
TM03 80
TM04 81
TM05 82
TM06 83
TM07 84
TM08 85
TM09 86
TM10 8..



Coloured Pokemon

This code works on both Gold and Silver. I don’t have Crystal so I don’t know if this code works for it. The code to fight any wild Pokemon has been..



My Cheats

I was just messing around with my gamshark and I discovered some new cheats.

Well if you didnt know my cousin told me that once he got his play t..



Fly to Locations

Use this code to Fly to loads of different locations, simply edit the main code below and replace the ‘XX’ with the code which corresponds to the lo..



To get all starters:0100BAD7

Have all badges:01FF7CD5

Always on bike:010182D6

Level 0 pokemon you fight:0100FCD0

Pokemon max l..




Egg species : 01??2ADA 01??5ADA 01??8ADA 01??BADA 01??EADA 01??1ADB

Fast hatch : 010145DA 010175DA 0101A5DA 0101D5DA 01010..



Evolving while keeping your level

this works perfectly

don’t worry when you see your poke`mon has a level 255




Encounter mysterious pokemon


Note:if you transform in to egg you get to use him in that battle.
Note:On the gold version if you transfor..



Best stuff ever

To get yuor Pokemon up to level 100, just type in the code:


You will get infinite rare candies in your key items poket.

But make ..



Diffrernt People

Choose 01??FFD1 and replace ?? With these numbers/letters.

Pokemon: 48
Rival/Lady: 90
Glitch Man: 49

More to come.



cool stuff to do with one code!




Loads of Codes

Infinite HP – 01FF1DCB

Infinite PP (1st position) – 012814CB
Infinite PP (2nd position) – 012815CB
Infinite PP (3rd position) – 012816CB



to get 99 masterballs, go to a pokemart and buy 99 pokeballs the enter 0101FDD5.

to get 99 rarecandys, find 1 put it in the second posistio..



if you want celebi enter 01FBEDD0









Make your Pokmon level 255! Type in 01ff40d0 and enter a battle.

The Pokmon you battle against is level 255.

If your Pokmon levels up, it..



Here are a few unique codes I found while using my Xploder cheat cartridge.

01fff1ca – Makes your Pokmon’s moves more powerful.

0100eaca – Ma..




Catch wild pokemon
Mew two



Turn on your Gameshark and enter two* (2) different ‘Catch Any Poke’mon’ codes**, such as Ho-Oh (01FAEDD0) and Celebi (01FBEDD0), or Sneasel (01D7ED..



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