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Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim

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Steelfeathers’ perk mod, Path of Sorcery came out recently. And what do you know, its magic perk trees are better than Ordinator’s. So I tore them down and rebuilt them from the ground up. Music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tb3j0Tf318

– Fixed incorrect perk count after using perk reset.

– Chemical Rage: increased attack damage bonus from 5% -> 10% but no longer stacks.
– Crimson Bull: increased speed bonus from 5% -> 10% but no longer stacks.

– Added Distorted Shape.
– Added Energy Shield.
– Added Wild Shrines.
– Removed Reverie.
– Removed Stability.
– Added Mana Shield (deprecated) to the perk reset pool.

– 7th Circinate: now actually grants +40/80% spell effectiveness as described instead of +50/100%.
– Alteration Dual Casting: corrected description.
– Alteration Mastery: now also adds (0.5/1%) duration per Alteration skill level.
– Alter Self Resistances: reduced level requirement from 50 -> 40.
– Anchorite: standardised message.
– Arcane Thesis: you now store a spell by using the included power instead of by dual casting out of combat; changed message.
– Diamondskin: reduced resistance threshold from 175% -> 150%.
– Philosopher’s Stone: reduced level requirement from 40 -> 30. (Remember, this got a buff a while ago.)
– Spellblade: fixed magic effect description.
– Throne of Nirn: now only works outside.

– Hawk’s Perch: no longer generates a message when an NPC uses it.
– Perfect Draw: now benefits crossbows as well (triple damage to low Health targets).

– Cast Aside: changed from 25% chance to knock down -> always knocks down if enemy is attacking but has a cooldown.
– Mocking Blow: fixed minor typo in description.
– Skull Rattler: now actually grants 3% more damage instead of 2%.

– Added Unleash Hell.
What this does is give each of your daedra an autocast spell on a ~30 second cooldown. They start with it off cooldown and will use it shortly after entering combat (or being summoned into combat), but don’t use it again until 30 seconds have passed. Of course, you can just resummon them, which is the whole point: when do you resummon them, when do you keep fighting?
> Flame Atronachs get Enemies Explode, which deals 150 fire damage in an 8 foot area around their combat target.
> Frost Atronachs get Fragility, which curses their combat target for 6 seconds, reducing armor by 125 and magic resistance by 25% (this stacks).
> Storm Atronachs get Magnetic Anomaly, which knocks down a target (you may want to stagger your atronachs to chain their knockdowns).
> Dremora get Dremorage, which grants 75% extra attack damage and 75% movement speed for 8 seconds.

– Atromancy: changed duration bonus from 2%/Conjuration -> x3 (x5 at night).
– Barrow Lord: now also reduces attack damage to skeletons by 25%.
– Bone Collector: you now deal only 15% damage to your own skeletons with Destruction spells; skeletons now automatically teleport to you if distance exceeds 100 feet and they are not in combat.
– Conjuration Mastery: now also adds (0.5/1%) duration per Conjuration skill level.
– Conjure Altar: reduced level requirement from 70 -> 60.
– Dark Whispers: no longer works on corpses.
– Fire Ritual: spell damage bonus increased from 10% (actually 15%) -> 30%; Health bonus increased from 10 -> 100 points; weapon bonus increased from 7.5% -> 15%; corrected description.
– Maelstrom: increased radius from 25 -> 30 feet (not retroactive). (This is a 44% bigger area.)
– Pact Magic: increased radius from 25 -> 30 feet (not retroactive).
– Preservation: Increased duration bonus from x2 (x6) -> x3 (x8)
– Reap and Sow: increased duration bonus from 50/150% -> 75/200%.
– Skeleton Mages: increased scaling with Destruction level from 2% -> 3%.

A complete overhaul of the Destruction tree. Most perks were moved around or replaced. The goal is to hit a few community targets (spell scaling, etc), offer more cool stuff earlier in the tree, and reduce reliance on the notoriously bugged dual cast conditions.

– Added Absolute Power.
– Added Ancient Seals.
– Added Crystalize.
– Added Eat This.
– Added Exhaust.
– Added Flash Fire.
– Added Frozen Tomb.
– Added Magnetize.
– Added Phoenix Fire.
– Added Permafrost.
– Added Robe of the Magi.
– Added Shatter.
– Added Show Them All.
– Removed Battlemage.
– Removed Cold Cathode.
– Removed Preserved in Ice.
– Removed Robes of Power.
– Removed Tenth Barrier.
– Removed Thermal Shock.
– Removed The Power is Mine.
– Removed Wake of Destruction.
– Renamed Scorched Earth -> Burn the Past.

– Changed the level and prerequisites of many perks.
– Elemental perks no longer require dual casting.

– Arc Burn: changed shader so it doesn’t override the shock shader; changed damage from 20 instant -> 5 per second for 5 seconds.
– Conflagration: added burn duration to description.
– Destruction Mastery: now also adds (0.25/0.5%) magnitude per Destruction skill level.
– Electroconvulsions: changed trigger condition to <1/3 Health; no longer triggers during killmoves.
– Frostfall: increased attack damage reduction from 20% ->25%; reduced duration from 8 -> 5 seconds.
– Hypothermia: changed trigger condition to <1/3 Health; no longer triggers during killmoves; no longer fails to paralyze altogether if the target doesn't have zero Stamina to begin with; no longer paralyzes targets with 0 maximum Stamina; reduced duration from 8 -> 5 seconds.
– Iced Earth: now only triggers when dual casting; increased radius of frost hazard from 3.5 -> 4 feet; reduced dps from 30 -> 20 but increased duration from 3 -> 4 seconds; updated description to include duration.
– Nova Charge: no longer counts up when you cast any spell and down every 5 seconds, but now counts up when you dual cast in combat, does not count down until combat ends, and goes off at 8 charges.
– Pyromancer Ascension: no longer counts up when you cast any spell and down every 5 seconds, but now counts up when you dual cast in combat, does not count down until combat ends, and goes off at 8 charges; removed mana cost reduction, but now leaves a trail of burning ground similar to the removed Wake of Destruction.
– Scarring Burns: changed effect from a stacking 5% fire resist reduction for 30 seconds -> non-stacking 30% fire resist reduction for 5 seconds.
– Scorched Earth: added burn duration to description.
– Static Field: changed bonus damage from 8% current Health -> always just enough to drop the target to 70% Health.
– Stormblast: now has a cooldown, but deals 20 -> 80 damage; no longer damages allies.
– Winter’s Majesty: increased range from 10 -> 40.
– World in Flames: increased ground fire damage bonus from 20% -> 25% and fire damage amp from 40% -> 50%.
– Updated NPC perks.

Time Stands Still is a perk that is not available in the actual tree, but can be given to the player using the console (ID **058F81). It causes the clock to stop for X minutes every day at the time when you learn this perk. Use if you prefer more night or more daylight or are an Azura worshipper and want twilight etc.

Ceremonial Enchanter is a perk that is not available in the actual tree, but can be given to the player using the console (ID **058F80). It improves enchanting by 10%, but you can ONLY enchant between midnight and 1AM and then only if you are wearing robes and no armor. This is similar to the old Ceremonial Enchanter perk and the Enchanter’s Ritual perk in Path of Sorcery. There has been lots of praise for the Path of Sorcery perk (in stark contrast to the rivers of QQ the Ordinator version received until it was removed in 2.00), and the reason this perk is not available in the perk tree is because being forced into RPing to make the best possible items is not necessarily fun.

– Added Might and Magic.
– Added War Mage.

– Mystic Warrior: you now store a spell by using the included power instead of by dual casting out of combat; changed prerequisite from Soul Siphon -> Soul Squeezer; fixed issue where the extra Stamina cost is not applied if 60 seconds pass since the last Mystic Strike; the Stamina cost is now based on your current Magicka; no longer throws errors if you don’t put a spell in it and power attack; changed message.
– Staff Flux: increased attack damage bonus from 35% -> 50%.
– Wizard’s Staff: removed dual cast Destruction perk interaction (because there are no dual cast Destruction perks in this version).

Heavy Armor
– Sovereign: reduced duration from 2 -> 1 seconds; fixed priority to prevent collision with other perks.

“I never lost a fair fight. I never fought one either.” From a roleplay perspective, instead of learning how to win fights, you learn how to make the enemies not bother fighting. The tree is rather binary (somewhat mitigated due to Fickle Fate) and this is probably how it should be.

– Added Panic.
– Added Wraithwalker.
– Removed Mind Killer. (In preparation for the inevitable Urgot rework.)
– Renamed Fear the Reaper -> The Reaper Comes.

– The following “Activate” perks now have a cooldown that is measured in real world seconds instead of game days, displayed in the form of a debuff in your effects list, and is much shorter:
Nemesis (3 hours -> 300 seconds)
Fear the Reaper (6 hours -> 300 seconds)
Lamb to the Slaughter (3 hours -> 180 seconds)
Blind Guardian (3 hours -> 300 seconds)
Heavy Weighs the Tapestry (3 hours -> 180 seconds)
– These spells no longer cause a race condition when applied to the same target, and now correctly handle the “one target only” case if you have a way to reset the cooldown before the effect finishes.
– Heavy Weighs the Tapestry: increased Magicka/Stamina drain from 100 -> 500 points.
– Illusion Mastery: now also adds (0.5/1%) duration per Illusion skill level.
– Imposing Presence: increased radius from 20 -> 40 feet (not retroactive).
– Kindred Mage: changed bonus from 20% -> 0.15*Illusion, and racial bonus from 60% -> 0.35*Illusion; now only works for mind affecting spells, but no longer restricted to humanoids (it never worked correctly on creatures).
– Lamb to the Slaughter: armor reduction now works.
– Lord of Illusions: increased radius from 20 -> 40 feet (not retroactive).
– Nemesis: no longer causes the target to flee (meaning it will no longer override mind affecting effects on the target either); the ghost can now be attacked.

Light Armor
– Renamed Ternion Assault -> Breaking Waves (lore reference was too specific).
– Prevented NPCs from receiving Hissing Dragon from ASIS.

– Attack of Opportunity: now correctly has a level requirement of 40.
– Claw Marks: reduced damage from 2/4/6 -> 1/2/3, but increased duration from 20 -> 30 seconds; now correctly a hostile attack; now also reduces weapon damage by 1/2/3 points (this may cause them to switch to fists if weapon damage is reduced below 4).
– Snakebite: added sound effect.

– Death’s Emperor: fixed description.
– Pickpocket Mastery: now +20/40% like every other perk instead of +25/50%.

Strength of Druids is a perk that is not available in the actual tree, but can be given to the player using the console (ID **014913). When you are in combat and below max Magicka, it drains 50 points of Stamina per second to replenish 20 points of Magicka per second. It does not activate below 25% Stamina, but can drain below 25% Stamina if it is already active. A similar perk exists in Path of Sorcery and there is some demand for it, but it does not lead to fun gameplay in practice, so it was not included as an official perk.

– Added Crusader’s Fire.
– Added Paragon.
– Added Revelation.
– “Added” Strength of Druids.
– Removed Divine Champion.
– Removed Purity of Body. (Alteration has perks to increase your resistances.)
– Prevented NPCs from receiving the deprecated perk Ex Nihilo from ASIS.

– Enduring Ideal: reduced bonus to Wheel of Life from 150% -> 50% (lol).
– Restoration Mastery: now also adds (0.25/0.5%) magnitude per Restoration skill level.
– Spirit Tutors: reduced power of tutor buff from 1% per 10 points of Magicka -> 1% per 12.5 points of Magicka to compensate for Restoration Mastery.

– Backstab: added critical strike bonus if the target is at full Health.
– Demolition Mission: removed bonus damage to runes and moved it to Ancient Seals. (The Destruction tree is where Path of Sorcery put this effect, and several comments claimed that Ordinator does not have an equivalent effect, presumably because its location in the sneak tree makes it undiscoverable.)
– Infiltrator: no longer erroneously requires Mystery Killer.

– Speak with Animals: tamed animals now teleport to you if distance exceeds 100 feet and they are not in combat; additionally, a sporadic (15 seconds) check has been added that teleports them if they get stuck more than 150 feet away or behind a door or transition an animal cannot navigate (“Your Wild Companion found its way to you”).
– Added missing perk Lord of the Dance that only existed in the perk list but not in the game (clearly the perk wasn’t very important).

– Massacre: now increases attack speed instead of setting attack speed, preventing the attack speed bonus from becoming permanent if the EffectFinish event can’t run due to a stack dump; updated description. (It will now make an educated guess as to whether or not you are using an attack speed fix: if attack speed is 0, it will increase it by 300%, otherwise 200%.)

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