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i tried it once, did the tutorial, got bored and uninstalled it

2021-01-31 14:31

Why post this on a csgo related forum ?

2021-01-31 14:32

watch Mind_Control if you can play like him you can play any role good in the game

2021-01-31 14:35

Never played Dota 2, but I can give you a bump.

2021-01-31 14:38

I played dota 2 with friends in 2012-2014. In 2015 I found csgo and invited my friends. We played on silvers. I was the first, who get gold nova 1. We played so much games, then most of my friends lost interest and I’m the only one, who still playing. Global Elite rn

2021-01-31 14:39

Do not play dota2. It would be the biggest mistake of your life, just like mine. I became 5k when I was only 17, and after I quit, it felt really well xD After all those warnings, if you still want to be better, just watch pro matches, and play with all heroes and get to know them better.

2021-01-31 14:42

Played like two rounds years ago and it was fun – been trying to get into it again for a while now but I keep forgetting lol

2021-01-31 16:03

after 8k hours of experience a small suggestion – play on EU servers. SEA is retarded as fuck and NA is just clowning.

2021-01-31 17:02

Start Dota, – Server – West = Full of russian and ukraian kids – close Dota

2021-01-31 17:04

Check dotabuff and BSJ videos and Jenkins too. Gorgc stream is fun

2021-01-31 17:21

play with arc warden, most easiest hero on this game

2021-01-31 17:23

played LoL & smite. fuck dota

2021-01-31 18:29

play 1-3 heroes, watch how pros play those heroes, look on dotabuff if u want to find game to look ingame, but if u can’t play at this moment, go to youtube and type 7.28 (today’s patch, it can change, so watch out) and name of the hero, look at everything – laning, lasthitting (that u need to train all the time), moves on the map, positioning, item build, skill buil, every aspect of a default game. Copy EVERYTHING, when u will know this stuff, u can try do another moves, Dota is one of the hardest games in the start, because there is so much mechanics, so u need time to adapt to this game 500+ hours atleast. Feel free to ask questions!

2021-01-31 18:37

dont start, you get addicted and ruin life

2021-01-31 19:29

If you are not calm person don’t play. I deleted because cringge teammates.

2021-01-31 19:55

i tried it once and lost 3.6k hours of my life

2021-01-31 20:13

LOL female characters > DOTA female characters. You made the wrong choice, son, but it’s never too late to fix a mistake

2021-01-31 21:11

Honestly, go play lol. Its much easier

2021-01-31 21:11

Be prepared for low iq russians yelling on mic and first picking Pudge, and then proceeded to miss all the hooks.

2021-01-31 21:24

I have 2600 hour in dota 2. You can learn new things everyday it’s just so hard to learn everything. You have to read patch notes, know which heroes are changed and stuff and also the mechanics. Purge has some tutorials for beginners tho some of them are outdated but it can help a lot. I recommend you watch some pro games or videos, learn which role/position should do. pos1: safelane carry pos2: mid pos3: offlane pos4: support (usually plays with offlane and ganks) pos5: hard support (plays with safelane carry and wards the most) Learn which hero fits certain roles. And learn some heroes for yourself, make a hero pool that you play the most and practice it, watch some pro gameplays of these heroes. I used to teach someone to play dota and she is now higher ranked than me lol

2021-01-31 21:24

watch bsj youtube channel

2021-01-31 21:27

Why they pick Inferno Fnatic best map

2021-01-31 21:29

Start of spamming 1 hero so you can learn everything about that hero then move on to the next hero etc… etc… and i guess stick to 1 role in the beginning but try to play all roles when you gain a little more knowledge just so you can understand the different roles

2021-01-31 21:37

u must be dead inside,all mute and etc.

2021-01-31 23:10

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