r/DotA2 – Dota 2 Update – MAIN CLIENT

r/DotA2 - Dota 2 Update - MAIN CLIENT - Download r/DotA2 - Dota 2 Update - MAIN CLIENT for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

r/DotA2 – Dota 2 Update – MAIN CLIENT

Download r/DotA2 – Dota 2 Update – MAIN CLIENT for FREE

Here is the patch analysis for today’s update.

Note: It’ll be a little slow. Steam is refusing to download the patch for me. So a little patience until that is sorted.

Patch Information###

Official Changelog###

  • Hero and Creep hitboxes no longer have subtle movements while animating

  • If a pro player is in a matchmaking game, they will now have a chance to appear on the home page

  • The client no longer needs to be updated when league tickets are released

  • Improved hexed unit hitboxes

  • Fixed some issues with pathfinding (such as clicking around Ice Shards)

  • Updated format and colors of chat text for clarity

  • Added a new Smart Attack Move option

  • Fixed minor tree cliff inconsistencies

  • Added button to expose chat options per tab

  • Fixed a dedicated server crash with Custom Games

  • Fixed various client crashes

  • Added MatchID and GameMode to player loading screen

  • Ward placement preview now only shows up when placing a ward rather than when sharing them

  • Fixed couriers and wards sometimes having error models

  • Fixed replays crashing when jumping around the timeline

Workshop Updates

  • Workshop: Added workshop template for first supported ability model: Warlock Golem

  • Workshop: Added workshop template for loading screens

  • Workshop: Added support for editing attachment points

  • Workshop: Added prompt to reload submission sessions

  • Workshop: Fixed some UI bugs when navigating back and forth in the workshop dialog

  • Workshop: Fixed crash when previewing hero wearable items multiple times

  • Workshop: Fixed bug where the wrong model LOD displayed in the portrait when previewing an imported item

  • Workshop: Fixed bug where wearable items didn’t always animate correctly in the preview window, causing them to clip through the hero model.

Fall Compendium 2015###

Types of Compendiums

There are two types of Compendiums available.

Tribute of the Piercing Beak

This chest includes the following items.

  • Ferocious Heart: Ursa | Preview

  • Flowering Shade: Spectre | Preview

  • Relics of the Drowning Trench: Tidehunter | Preview

  • Barrier Rogue: Tusk | Preview

  • Spirethorn Regalia: Leshrac | Preview

  • Tribute Upgrade Infuser – Fall Season 2015 | RARE DROP

  • Bewitching Flare: Lina | Preview | VERY RARE DROP

Coin Treasure – Fall 2015

This chest can have duplicates. The item tiers are listed below.

  • One Tier 1 Fall Event Item

  • One Tier 2 Fall Event Item

  • One Tier 3 Fall Event Item

Coin Treasure – Tier 1

  • Exact Marksman: Sniper | Preview

  • Molten Destructor: Timbersaw | Preview

  • Blazing Oblivion: Dragon Knight | Preview

  • Airborne Assault Craft: Gyrocopter | Preview

  • Mage Abolisher: Antimage | Preview

Coin Treasure – Tier 2

  • Blackmist Blade: Abaddon | Preview

  • Legionnaire Ray Sword: Legion Commander | TIER 2

  • Ornithomancer Mantle: Rubick | TIER 2

Coin Treasure – Tier 3

  • Venom-Herb Caduceus: Dazzle | Preview

  • Executioner Ray Hood: Tidehunter | Preview

  • Shattered Carbine: Sniper | Preview

Coin Treasure – BONUS DROPS

New Couriers

Tribute Upgrade Infuser – Fall Season 2015

Used to unlock a special ambient effects for the following items.

  • Dress of the Bewitching Flare

  • Claws of the Ferocious Heart

  • Aquemerald Blade

  • Cannon Punch of the Barrier Rogue

  • Crest of the Flowering Shade

  • Edge of the Flowering Shade

  • Spirethorn

New Charms

New Recipes

  • Recycling: Tier 3 for Tier 2 | Give 3 Tier 3 items for one Tier 2 item

  • Recycling: Tier 2 for Tier 1 | Give 3 Tier 2 items for one Tier 1 item

  • Recycling: Tier 1 for Tier 1 | Give 2 Tier 1 items for one Tier 1 item

  • Recycling: 10 Items for a Charm | Give 10 of any items for a Charm of the Crucible Jewel II & 25 Compendium Points*

  • Recycling: Item For 25 Coins | Give a Common Item for 25 Coins

  • Recycling: Item For 50 Coins | Give an Uncommon Item for 50 Coins

  • Recycling: Item For 75 Coins | Give a Rare Item for 75 Coins

  • Recycling: Item For 100 Coins | Give a Mythical Item for 100 Coins

  • Recycling: Item For 125 Coins | Give a Legendary Item for 125 Coins

  • Recycling: Item For 200 Coins | Give an Immortal Item for 125 Coins

  • Recycling: Item for 200 Points | Gives a Fall 2015 Item for 200 Points

New Emoticons:

Whisky the Stout Artifact

A special item for Tusk received at Level 150 of the Fall Compendium. | Preview

New Trophies

  • Fall Season 2015 Compendium Level | Awarded for obtaining and leveling up a compendium for The Fall Season 2015.

  • Fall Season 2015 Compendium Challenger | Awarded for completing Compendium challenges during The Fall Season 2015.

  • Fall Season 2015 Predictor | How many coins were won through wagers during The Fall Season 2015.

Other Compendium Related Items

  • 25 Compendium Coins – Fall 2015

  • 24 Compendium Levels – Fall 2015

  • 11 Compendium Levels – Fall 2015

  • 5 Compendium Levels – Fall 2015

  • 750 Compendium Coins – Fall 2015

  • 25 Compendium Points – Fall 2015

Unreleased Compendiium Items

Economy Updates###

Dota TV Tickets

  • Frankfurt Major 2015 | free to spectate | Has fantasy enabled

  • Frankfurt Major 2015 Open Qualifiers | free to spectate

  • NGA Master League

  • Double D Gaming Online Tournament II | free to spectate

  • MSDT Season1 | free to spectate

  • PKDota’s The Inaugural 3 | free to spectate

  • Ra:tio Amateur Cup | free to spectate

  • Master Gaming Series 2015 | free to spectate

  • Most Wanted Tournament | free to spectate

Newly Added Challenges

New Brands


  • A new color tag has been added for the newly added items of ‘Infused’ rarity.

  • A prize pool tracker issue with MLG Worlds has been fixed.

  • Fixed icons not showing up for Summit 4, SLTV and ASUS Dreamleague and the others from that patch.

Unreleased Sets

  • Steamcutter: Timbersaw

  • Stellar Abyss: Rubick

  • Pure Absorption Set

  • Blazing Lord Set

  • Lightning Strike Set

  • Lord of Wilderness Set

Item Drop List Updates###

Spectator Drops for Fall Major

  • 750 Compendium Coins – Fall 2015

  • Coin Charm – Fall 2015

  • 25 Compendium Points – Fall 2015

  • 25 Compendium Coins – Fall 2015

Seasonal Coin Redemption for Sets

Seasonal Coin Redemption for Single Items

UI Updates###

  • A new ‘About Trophies’ button has been added to the Trophies page that takes you to the Levels website for more details.

  • Bundles that have items that have styles now show a notification indicating those when you try to unpack them.

  • Bundles that cannot be unlocked when you don’t have the requirements also have a notification dialog now.


  • Tons of backend updates for the Socketing system that has been work in progress. Seems to be getting done.

  • Required changes needed for the Fall 2015 Compendium

String Updates###

Tooltip Updates

  • Updated a few skill descriptions to be ..well more descriptive.

  • Fixed a bunch of typos across a bunch of abilities.

  • The missing modifier tooltip for Greevil’s Critical Strike Amount has been added.

Note Updates


  • Updated the Tournament Program activation dialog to read the respective tournament name now instead of just ‘Tournament Program’

  • A bunch of old socketing related strings related to the Hammers & Chisels have been removed.

  • Other required strings for the Compendium Fall Update.

Hero Updates###

Console Updates###

New Commands

  • dota_easybuy <0/1> – Everything is free, all shops are in range, and you can purchase for other heroes | CHEAT

  • dota_frontpage_carousel_refresh_time – Default: 15

  • dota_settings_targeted_attack_move

  • dota_settings_targeted_attack_move_radius Default: 200 | CHEAT


Patch Size: 1.1 GB (with Tools)

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