How To Get Free Valorant Skins in 2021

How To Get Free Valorant Skins in 2021 - Download How To Get Free Valorant Skins in 2021 for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

How To Get Free Valorant Skins in 2021

Download How To Get Free Valorant Skins in 2021 for FREE

Valorant, an FPS shooter by Riot Games, has gained humongous recognition in the past few months.

To add, Valorant has some crazy collection of skins in-game, which have had a magnetic effect on this game’s player base.

Hence, gamers are going insane to find how they could get hold of some free skins in Valorant. You have to look no further.

Go through this article carefully to find out how you can get free valorant skin codes in 2021.

What is a Valorant Skin?

If you are new to the world of online FPS gaming, you must be wondering what precisely a weapon skin is.

A Valorant skin is nothing but a fancy looking model of the original weapon.
Skins in Valorant (especially the Knife skins) have gained immense popularity because of their sassy looks and animations.

A point to note is that buying Valorant skins does not increase weapons’ performance in any way.

Valorant Gameplay With Skins

Every FPS game is unique in its way, but every FPS basics will always remain the same, i.e. aiming skills or point and shoot.

Valorant has also added character dependence which makes this game much more strategic and fun to play.


When you play Valorant with a skin equipped, there is zero chance of gun damage or recoil. It all comes down to your raw aim in the end.

I don’t think that claiming a free skin in Valorant will improve your rank in-game.

Though, it may be possible that a cool Valorant skin codes may get you excited enough to spray at your enemies with full vigor and zestfulness.

Valorant Gameplay Without Skins

When playing Valorant without any weapon skins, the game may seem a bit bland and boring. But then, it all depends on your personal perspective.
Suppose a player remains dedicated to improving his or her aim.

In that case, he will overpower the opponent with a cool free Valorant skin because, as I have said before, there is no change in gun mechanics even if you own a top dollar Valorant skin.


Some gamers even claim that when playing with fancy Valorant skin, they tend to land more accurate sprays and headshots.

Still, as I have mentioned before, the Valorant aiming mechanics’ algorithm does not depend on the type of skin a player owns.

How To Get Free Valorant Skins

Buy A Battle Pass

Like most famous shooter games, Riot has also introduced a battle pass for the hardcore fans in Valorant.

So if you spend hours playing Valorant every day, you can quickly get your hands on some free Valorant skin codes through the battle pass rewards.

There are specific objectives/missions you need to complete to rank up through your battle pass.

As you progress and complete the battle pass challenges, you could get some pleasing Valorant weapon skins for free.


Prime Gaming Subscription

Riot Games recently collaborated with Amazon Prime. There was also an announcement saying new cosmetics would be available for loot every month on Twitch for users to claim.

The cosmetics include spray tags, gun buddies and even Radiante points.

Below are the steps to receive exclusive rewards by using Prime Gaming.

  1. Subscribe to Twitch Prime gaming.
  2. Connect your Valorant account to Twitch.
  3. Visit every month to claim the free Valorant loot drop.
  4. Use the Radiante Points received to buy free Valorant skins.

Are Valorant Skins Worth it?

It may shock some new eSports gamers seeing Valorant skins’ prices as a typical Valorant skins bundle (consisting of 5 weapon skins) costs around $80.

Hence, I see many people asking the question, “Are Valorant skins overpriced ?”.

I will be honest with you. If you compare Valorant to other titles with in-game skin purchases, the weapon skins of Valorant are not overpriced at all.

Still, people get impatient and want free Valorant skins in 2021.


Even if you take the costliest skins in Valorant, it only costs between $30 to $35, which is nothing compared to other established eSports titles like CS:GO or Dota 2.

These titles have hero/gun skins going more than thousands of dollars. Therefore, Valorant skin prices are pretty economical and not at all overpriced.

Are Valorant Skins Tradable?

As you know, the chief rival of Valorant, CS:GO has a massive market for skin trading. A large number of skins are traded in CS:GO every day.

Due to this, many users are wondering whether skin trading would be coming to Valorant or not.


Unfortunately, Riot Games have confirmed that skin trading would not be coming to Valorant as skin trading works on the supply and demand model.

Since the weapon skins in Valorant are always available to purchase in the store, there wouldn’t be any supply shortage at any time.

Therefore, you can also claim free Valorant skin codes through selected websites.


We have covered everything about Valorant skins in this article. We hope that we covered all the possible questions related to this topic.

This post explains every updated services/method that you can use to get a free Valorant Skin.

Therefore, go through the article thoroughly and feel free to write to us if you have any questions.

Also, if you missed our post on how to get free Valorant points, you can read it here.

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