▷ Game.dll Dota Download (For Maps over 8mb size)

▷ Game.dll Dota Download (For Maps over 8mb size) - Download ▷ Game.dll Dota Download (For Maps over 8mb size) for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

▷ Game.dll Dota Download (For Maps over 8mb size)

Download ▷ Game.dll Dota Download (For Maps over 8mb size) for FREE

Welcome to the Warcraft 3 game.dll Download Page! crown
What is the game.dll for? The game.dll allows to play and host maps that have more than 8mb size, because the Warcraft 3 maximum allowed default size is 8mb. Read on…

Warcraft 3 Tool Name:Game.dll for Warcraft 3 LAN Games
Release Date:2016
Map Size:3.8 MB

Game.dll Download for LAN games

Game.dll Download

Game.dll DownloadThe game.dll for Warcraft 3 is a file inside the installation folder that has been customized to allow to play bigger maps than 8mb. This is perfect if you want to play Dota 6.88, Dota 6.85 or other big Dota Maps on LAN with your friends. LAN means Local Area Network and is an offline connection between computers.

Here you can download the Warcraft 3 game.dll:

Warcraft 3 problem “map size too big” with maps bigger than 8mb

Warcraft 3 up to Patch version 1.26a does not allow to play bigger maps than 8mb.
1. In this case you can download and use the Warcraft 3 game.dll file to avoid this error.
2. The good thing is: The new Warcraft 3 Patches do not need this customized game.dll, because they allow Warcraft 3 Maps up to 128mb size!

Which Warcraft 3 Patches are supported?
The game.dll file is working with the Warcraft 3 Patch versions 1.27b, 1.27a and 1.26a.
You can find all Patches in our Overview. The game.dll does not work with WC3 Patch 1.28 or 1.29.

Dota and Warcraft 3 Game.dll Installation Guide

Game.dll How to use

Game.dll How to useStep 1: Before starting, browse your Warcraft 3 folder and backup the original game.dll file by copying it into another folder.
Step 2: Download the game.dll for Warcraft 3 LAN Games.
Step 3: Unzip/Extract the game.dll file.
Step 4: Paste the game.dll file into your Warcraft 3 folder and replace the existing game.dll.
Step 5: You are done and able to play bigger maps than 8mb! bling

Warcraft 3 Game.dll LAN Games Notes:

Important information for the Warcraft 3 game.dll file:

  • With the game.dll you can join other host with the same game.dll file. This means every player has to have the exact same game.dll file or it won’t work.
  • This game.dll file is only for LAN games and SINGLE PLAYER mode, do not use it online.
  • Your Gaming Client might detect this as a hack, but it is none.
    On RGC, Gameranger, Tunngle and WGN it worked fine!
  • Anyway, use the game.dll on your own Risk.

Any questions?

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