The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows

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The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows

Download The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows for FREE

The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows | Official Download

Updated Apr 13 2021.

The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows uses arrayed Win32 SendInput() API to reach 100000 cps. Supports command line, random clicks and record/play sequences of clicks.

Official Download ( mirror ) – The latest version

SHA256(Install_TheFastestMouseClicker_2.6.1.0.exe)= eb6a79fcecb598b626b10d34951d6b51b7c56af25c340a59c208b879f3d2e151

New big version with FIXED POSITION CLICKING has been released!

Free and fast, open source, full-featured, statically-linked mouse auto clicker for Windows written in vanilla C++. Uses hardware-limited arrayed Win32 SendInput() calls to reach up to 100000 clicks/s. Supports command line, random clicks and record-play the sequences of clicks.


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Official site is here.

Table of Contents

What’s New – The latest version

“Single” application“Group” application
The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows version The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows version
  • Long waiting new feature FIXED POSITION CLICKING!
  • Live current mouse position indicator.
  • Fixed blurred GUI texts on 4K screens.
  • Fixed wrong question about close old application during installation.
  • Few minor bug fixes.

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Official Download ( mirror )

SHA256(Install_TheFastestMouseClicker_2.6.1.0.exe)= eb6a79fcecb598b626b10d34951d6b51b7c56af25c340a59c208b879f3d2e151


This is the official site to download various versions of The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows. Also there is official mirror. All the versions are shipped with SHA256 fingerprints to ensure you do download the genuine software.

Industry standard free open source mouse auto clicker emulates Windows clicks EXTREMELY QUICKLY via arrays of 1-1000 mouse events in Win32 SendInput(), making up to 100 000 clicks per second. Brand new group clicking support, Command line for batch files, Auto-save on exit, Random clicking, App’s window always topmost are supported. This compact standalone program is compiled and statically linked by gnu/gcc compiler and supports all the Windows 7 to 10 and Linux via Wine emulator. This clicker is the best for incremental games: Cooking, Soda, Minecraft etc.

The program is written in vanilla C++ with native Win32 API and linked statically thus it becomes a super-compact executable without external dependencies and can run on a bare Windows installation.

Here is a short intro video that tells how to download and install The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows. Also it shows basic quick-start guide to use automated clicks. Your browser does not support the video tag. Watch intro to The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows in Youtube.

There are a lot of use-cases of The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows. Amateurs can use it for cheating in various web sites or video games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Candy Crush Saga, Roblox games, etc. Professionals can use it for quality assistant and testing purposes because full support of command line in batch files, PowerShell scripts, etc.


  • The world’s best click rate up to 100 000 clicks per second, increased by 10 times comparing with the predecessor application “Fast Mouse Clicker”. The latest version with fixed performance issue is 100 times faster!

  • Utilizes batch-array feature of SendInput() and manipulates with Sleep() to reach the ultimate possible performance of mouse clicks on Windows.

  • The Left, Middle, and Right mouse buttons are supported, they can be triggered for clicking by a key on the keyboard in a press or toggle mode.

  • Arbitrary keyboard key can be selected to trigger the clicking process. Furthermore, an another mouse button can play a role of a trigger key.

  • Different independent trigger keys to begin/end the clicking in toggle mode.

  • The program works fine even if it is minimized and also it operates on an arbitrary desktop area. The program can stop to ckick automatically, if a certain number of clicks is given by end-user.

  • This is free, open source application without ads, viruses, trojans, malware, etc. forever.

  • The program has built-in updater service under construction that may perform additional scientific tasks when your CPU is idle with very tiny CPU and Internet usage. See source code of the installer. The application uninstalls clearly and is NOT a virus or malware. You may switch to the installers without update service and back with in any moment.

  • The application can be used on a bare system, it does not depend on .NET Framework or any other external library as “Speed AutoClicker”, “Fast Clicker”, etc.

  • Command line has been supported: TheFastestMouseClicker.exe -c -t -s -m -b , where can be ‘press’ or’toggle’ and can be ‘left’, ‘middle’, or ‘right’. One may specify any part of arguments; unspecified or unrecognized values will be treated as defaults (see them by running the app and pressing ‘Reset to defaults’ button.

  • Button “Batch folder” has been added to open a directory with *.bat files quickly; it simplifies command line usage a lot.

  • Fractional values for clicks/s parameter are supported. For example, 0.5 clicks/s equals to 1 click every 2 seconds.

  • Random clicking has been implemented. Just click the “Batch folder” button and see remarks in the *.bat files reside there in order how to use command line arguments and to enable random clicking.

  • Group clicking (record/play the sequences of clicks) supported via additional application since v. You can quickly switch between the applications by clicking the “Run group app”/”Run single app” button.

  • Window Always Top checkbox to keep the app’s window topmost.


What about other auto-clickers and their features? Here is the table that summarizes all the key features of 3 most downloaded programs.

FeatureFast Mouse ClickerAutoClickerThe Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows
Open source projectNoYesYes
Regular updates and bug fixesNoNoYes
Arbitrary trigger key for clickingYesYesYes
Mouse button as trigger key for clickingYesNoYes
Independent trigger keys in toggle modeNoYesYes
All the clicking parameters auto-saveNoYesYes
Group clicking (record-play the sequences of clicks)NoYesYes
Command line support in batch filesNoNoYes
Button to open a folder with all the batch filesNoNoYes
Button to reset all the clicking parameters to default valuesNoNoYes
Random clicking in a specified rectangleNoNoYes
Hardware-limited fastest clicking via arrayed SendInput()NoNoYes
Side DLL/runtime independent (runs on bare Windows)NoNoYes
Checkbox to keep the app window always TopNoNoYes

The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows wins this competition because its code is a further developing of the rest 2 popular apps.


Unlike other auto-clickers that use obsolete mouse_event() system call from C/C++ source or un-arrayed SendInput() from C#/.Net source, The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows uses arrayed SendInput() with specially prepared arrays of mouse events:

UINT nCntExtra = (nCnt – 1) * 2; // reserved index for DOWN, UP for (UINT iExtra = 0; iExtra < nCntExtra; iExtra += 2) { input[1 + iExtra].type = INPUT_MOUSE; input[1 + iExtra].mi.dx = dx; input[1 + iExtra].mi.dy = dy; input[1 + iExtra].mi.mouseData = dwData; input[1 + iExtra].mi.time = 0; input[1 + iExtra].mi.dwExtraInfo = dwExtraInfo; ... } ... UINT ret = SendInput(1 + nCntExtra, input, sizeof(INPUT));

The size of the arrays is carefully computed based on the click rate given by end-user. To avoid system event buffer overflow, the time in Sleep() is selected properly according the size of the array.

The GUI of the application seems archaic, but it is made by very base Win32 system calls to avoid performance degradation caused by high-level third-side libraries such as Qt or slow managed code in frameworks like C#/.Net. For example, GetAsyncKeyState() is used to detect the trigger keys pressed by end-user:

if (!doToggle) { if (toggleState == 0 && GetAsyncKeyState(atoi(triggerText))) toggleState = 1; … } else { if (toggleState == 0 && GetAsyncKeyState(atoi(triggerText))) toggleState = 1; … }

Another benefit of such an approach is compact, statically-linked executable without any external dependencies.

When end-user selects low click rates, actual size of the array of mouse events in SendInput() is set to 1 and number of clicks per second is regulated by Sleep() only. But when end-user selects high click rates, the size of the array becomes significant. In rare circumstances, it may lead to freeze the whole Windows GUI. To avoid that, the helper thread is created to scan GetAsyncKeyState() independently in order end-user has requested to stop the clicking and force BlockInput() because mouse event buffer may be full:

DWORD WINAPI MyThreadFunction(LPVOID lpParam) { while (true) { if (GetAsyncKeyState(atoi(triggerText2))) { … BlockInput(TRUE); Sleep(100); BlockInput(FALSE); … SetMsgStatus(hWnd, GetDlgCtrlID(statusText), “idle”); } Sleep(10); } return 0; }

Complete source code with comments is shipped with Windows installer or can be watched on Github and Gitlab.


Screenshots for the latest version are here!

  • The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows version introduce the “FIXED POSITION CLICKING” feature.

The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows version introduce the

  • The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows version the brand new Group App in details.

The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows version the brand new Group App in details

  • The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows version running under Wine 4.0.2/Linux(CentOS 6).

The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows version running under Wine 4.0.2/Linux(CentOS 6)

  • The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows version pre-2.5.x.x family: what’s old but important.

The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows version pre-2.5.x.x family: what's old but important

  • The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows version completely hand-made art by the clicker application.

The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows version completely hand-made art by the clicker application


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Video reviews from our users

Wolf0626, young vlogger shows how he downloads, installs and runs The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows on his PC. Your browser does not support the video tag. Watch the review video “How to Download the fastest mouse clicker for windows!!!” in Youtube.

BullyWiiPlaza, experienced youtuber shows how he cheats extra scores with The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows in his mature gameplay. Your browser does not support the video tag. Watch the review video “[Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links] The Fastest Auto Clicker for Windows Gameplay” in Youtube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the clicker work when its main GUI window is minimized?

Yes, it does. Trigger keys are being intercepted and mouse events are being emitted regardless the application window state is: normal, maximized, minimized, focus, blur, etc.

What if I want to emulate 2 clicks within every 3 seconds, what the ‘clicks per second’ parameter should be?

You have to type 0.67 inside ‘clicks per second’ input field. Just click on it, delete previous value, and type new one.

What is minimal Windows version supported?

Your PC must have Windows 7 or later. Don’t use Windows XP. Better use Windows 10.

When I open many windows simultaneously on my desktop and start to emulate mouse clicks, I lose the GUI window of the app. Why?

That’s because you forget about checkbox named “Window Always Top”. It is specially designed to prevent such a situation. Once you check it, main GUI window of the program will be layered always topmost (above all the other windows on your desktop).

What about sequences of clicks?

Work with sequences of clicks is supported since v2.5.x.x. To avoid GUI complication, second “Group” application is implemented. To run that app from main “Single” app just press a “Run group app” button. To return to main app press “Run single app” button.

Does your program run on bare Windows, like Windows Home on a laptop just from store?

Yes. Unlike all other auto-clickers this app is statically linked and has no external dependencies (e.g. “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)” from incorrect linkage against MSVC run-time DLLs).

Is this FAQ nearly complete?

Oh no 🙂 It has been just started. Feel free to ask your question via email. See the Contacts chapter below.

Downloads for all the versions

SHA256(Install_TheFastestMouseClicker_2.6.1.0.exe)= eb6a79fcecb598b626b10d34951d6b51b7c56af25c340a59c208b879f3d2e151

SHA256(Install_TheFastestMouseClicker_2.5.4.0.exe)= 738058b7dc1e95b963860e5797bab5761a8801bda90feb0311c038e98477cc31

SHA256(Install_TheFastestMouseClicker_2.5.3.3.exe)= 55bde08c90989d4dbeb9602d93b3c7bcb3645135281e1b64c32d59521799836b

SHA256(Install_TheFastestMouseClicker_2.5.3.2.exe)= 58854af05b2024ce39078d828228d512548212fc3283c511c1a16c19c844bf06

SHA256(Install_TheFastestMouseClicker_2.5.1.0.exe)= cb13c125212feb8241f4a4258919781d546084f0f19862ad11f07a3e95004577

SHA256(Install_TheFastestMouseClicker_2.0.0.0.exe)= c12fbeee1a12ce598bcd1f6b39872abcbcfc89d2b21d235882ca479fd26a324a

Copyright (c) 2016-2021 by Open Source Developer Masha Novedad

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