Ratpoison (Charlatano)

Ratpoison (Charlatano) - Download Ratpoison (Charlatano) for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

Ratpoison (Charlatano)

Download Ratpoison (Charlatano) for FREE

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Ratpoison (Charlatano)

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Ratpoison (Charlatano) - Download Ratpoison (Charlatano) for FREE - Free Cheats for GamesRatpoison (Charlatano) - Download Ratpoison (Charlatano) for FREE - Free Cheats for Games
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Last Achievements Ratpoison (Charlatano)Ratpoison (Charlatano)

PostCharlatano & RatPoison Credit to: Jire

(a new improved Charlatano)


Available Features: Ratpoison (Charlatano) - Download Ratpoison (Charlatano) for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

  • Menu (Windowed/Fullscreen Windowed only)
    – Appless: Menu shows as an app on the taskbar
  • Aimbot
    – Flat Aim: Write to view angles
    – Path aim: Mouse movement
    – Group aimbot settings (Pistol/Rifle/Sniper/Shotgun/SMG)
    – Individual aimbot settings (AK/M4/etc)
    – Aim bone, force bone, aim on shot, speed, FOV, strictness, smoothness
    – (non-silent) Perfect aim, customizable FOV and % chance to activate
    * Backtrack: Shoot enemies up to 200 ms back in time
  • RCS
    – RCS for all weapons, customizable X & Y accuracy
    * Types: Legacy and Stable
    – Customizable recoil crosshair, type/width/length/positioning/color
  • Visuals
    – Radar
    * Legit radar
    – Glow (Normal, Model, Visible, Visible Flicker)
    * Teammates, Enemies, Weapons, Grenades, Bomb, Bomb Carrier, Aimbot Target
    – clrRender chams
    * Teammates, Enemies, Self, Aimbot Target
    – Arrow indicators
    * Teammates, Enemies, Weapons, Grenades, Bomb, Bomb Carrier, Defusers
    – Box (Name, Health, Armor, Helmet, Kevlar, Weapon, Money, Ammo, Flashed, Scoped)
    * Teammates, Enemies, Defusers, Weapons
    – Skeleton
    * Teammates, Enemies
    – Snaplines
    * Teammates, Enemies, Weapons, Bomb, Bomb Carrier, Defuse Kits
    – Footsteps
    * Teammates, Enemies
    * Hitmarker
    * Nade tracer
    – FOV Changer
    – Skin Changer
    * Spread Circle
    * Head Level Helper
  • Bone Trigger
    – FOV, InCross
    – Customizable for each weapon category (Pistol/Rifle/Sniper/Shotgun/SMG)
    – Aimbot on activation
    – Optional trigger key
    – Initial shot delay
    * Between shots delay
    * Shoot at backtrack
  • Danger Zone compatible
  • Misc
    – Knife bot
    – Hitsounds
    – Bomb timer (Text Menu, Visual Bars)
    – Spectator list (Text Menu)
    – Optional sniper/scoped crosshair
    – Reduced flash
    – Bunny hop
    – Auto strafe
    – Fast stop
    – Last second bomb defusal
    – Door spam
    – Weapon spam
    * Nade helper
    – Self nade
    * Kill bind
    * Disable Post Processing
    * Temporary name change


  • Java Development Kit (JDK) 8
    – (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/ja…s-2133151.html)
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT the same as the regular Java Runtime (JRE), and you MUST install the JDK in order to build Charlatano, as well as any other Java software.
  • Update/Install Java (Version 8 Update 191)

Installation guide:

  • Download the latest release.
  • Extract the contents from the archive to any folder (to your desktop, for example)
  • Make sure you have Java Development Kit 8 or later installed
  • Double click on the “_build_” (_build.bat_) script and wait for it to complete

DOWNLOAD SECTION:Relase notes (Charlatano):


Release 0.1 (24.07.2019) – updated kotlin script loader – updated README.md – added docs for `RADAR` setting – updated gradle version and libraries Release 0.0 (13.05.2019) – HotFix – Fixed minor bugs – Fixed ESP/Aim not working – Fix RCS pulling straight down to feet after running out of ammo, rapid succession spraying not calculating current punch Release notes (RatPoison):


1.7 (17.11.2020) 1.7 Full Update * Important * Added backtrack * Fixed ForEntities loop not fully iterating, consistency should be improved for features in Aim & Visuals tabs * Added installer executable * Installer automatically downloads appropriate JDK, allows the cheat to be updated and built without any hassle * New * Added Helmet, Kevlar, Flashed, Scoped, Ammo and Money settings to Box ESP * Added locale options in menu, you can change menu language with premade localization files * Added glow and box health based options * Added flicker free glow * Added static fov option * Added draw aim fov, draw trigger fov, for static fov only * Added nightmode/fullbright option * Added aim on shot option, aimbot will only aim when your gun can shoot * Added gaussian blur option when menu is open * Added hold target aimbot options * Added force bone key + selector (to categories only) * Added keybinds window under options tab to display all keybinds, set to -1 to disable * Added entity dead and dormant check to prevent ghost footsteps * Added legit radar option, shows enemies making footstep noise within set distance * Added appless menu type * Added disable post processing option (does not work with nightmode) * Added far radar box, draws a box around enemies spotted by other players * Added head level helper, draws a line on your sight with customizable deadzone * Added smoke check to Glow, Box, Snaplines and Indicator * Added auto throwing to nade helper * Added temporary name change, resets after joining another server * Added stable RCS, applies to total aimpunch/recoil over time * Fixes * Triggerbot has been fixed * Fixed hitsound error when menu disabled, hitsound only available when using the menu * Fixed ranks tab layout * Fixed advanced aim settings error when using 0 X/Y Variation * Fixed automatic weapons shooting with cursor enabled (during buy menu) * Fixed nearest bone not working with menu disabled * Fixed cmd read/write files when menu is disabled * Fixed taser spamming SetAim failure with Override Weapons enabled * Fixed teammates are enemies not aimbotting friendly players * Fixed fast stop blocking movement on high latency servers * Fixed bomb timer and spectator list opacity sliders not updating after loading a config * Miscellaneous * Updated ranks tab, should work better & show all players * Reworked override settings * Minor adjustments to head walk and spectator list * Glow ESP is now one write per entity instead of multiple * Changed RANK names to abbreviations to prevent hiding elements * Perfect aim is now calculated per aim move rather than per target * Loading settings/configs should only load .txt or .cfg files respectively * Scanner can now save/load/delete configs, and display ranks/kills/deaths/wins * Changed default settings to look more legit * Fully disabled knife changer * Removed knife changer for now * Force aim bone should update properly on config change * Color Picker is now similar to most mainstream cheats, less ugly * Visuals toggle key should now disable bomb timer, spectator list, recoil crosshair * Bomb timer, spectator list, recoil crosshair require ‘Enable ESP’ to be checked in the visuals tab to work * Box details can be used without having the bounding box enabled * Removed flick scroll for now * M249 is now considered a rifle * Changed Flat Aim name to Write Angles on menu * Changed Path Aim name to Mouse Movement on menu * All ui elements are drawn on 1 stage using 1 input processor instead of 4 * Cleaned up menu for better consistency across tabs * Skinchanger should forceupdate properly, should see less lag & faster activation when equipping new weapons * Skinchanger tab should now update with configs * Updated list of skins for skinchanger * Skinchanger will only update the local players bought weapons, not dropped weapons * Updated nade helper to work with menu disabled * Removed standalone autostrafer * Changed chams brightness slider to allow more precise adjustments * FOV sliders now allow float values * Changed step values of some sliders * Added more information in debug screen 1.6 (23.07.2020) – Skinchanger added – Indicator Visuals – Box Esp – Glow Esp – Snaplines Esp – Added Step Esp – Possible fix for headwalk activating incorrectly – Choosing a target while spraying now activates properly based on your recoil’s position rather than crosshair – Option to use aim after X shots for rifles and smgs – Disabled zeus causing bone trigger and aim crashing – Added weapon spam (famas/glock/scope spam) and door spam – Added self nade, throws nade in mid air to damage yourself. mostly used for griefing. (hold nade and press “self nade” in menu) – Misc tab reformatted for testing – Default settings have been updated to look legit – Debug now shows misc information on screen – Recoil crosshair adjusts correctly based on FOV – Removed aim strictness – Added RANDOM aim bone option, picks one of the 4 selectable bones – Added option to disable a vis check when force aiming, to force aim through walls – Target swap delay now works properly – Added FOV Changer (Misc Tab) (12.02.2020) – Removed nade helper toggle key, load the file and it will auto show with a grenade in hand, hold a decoy to see all spots – Added last second bomb defuse – Cleanup – Null check for box esp text – Now, the JDK automatically installs (AdoptOpenJDK), and the JAVA_HOME variable is set by the build script. Release 1.5.1 (27.09.2019) – Bone trigger should be responsive and usable now – Fixed delay issues – Removed Aim Key setting (perm mouse1) – Small changes to nade helper drawing lines – The name of the position will be under the circle to throw at instead of position on the ground – Small Cleanup – GunAimOverride.kts is readable and less of a mess if you choose to edit via text files instead of the menu, but still a block – All guns have their override disabled by default, and use default settings – KTS settings files changed to .txts – A warning will appear to clear the current positions in nade helper to prevent accidental clears before saving – The main menu is now topmost vs the override weapons panel, spectator list, bomb timer – Auto strafe moved to keypresses instead of writing to the game – Strafe calls every 2ms instead of every 5ms to help accuracy – Added aim strafe – Default VisUI skin changed to tinted – Improvements to box esp – Added an armor bar – Health and armor bars have black outlines (currently non-customizable) – Heath/Armor bar can be moved to either left or right of the box – Name/Weapon text can be moved to either top or bottom of the box – Expanded on the previous cfg save/load system – Uses a drop down box to select a CFG to load/delete – Can now create as many CFGS as you want – Saves to settingsCFGS – Added delete cfg button (deletes selected cfg) – Save button prompts for a cfg name, typing the name of a previously saved CFG overwrites that cfg – Other ESPs shouldn’t flicker when using glow – Added a RANKS tab to the menu, will show ranks when available (Incomplete, semi-viable) – Added Defuse Kit ESP options (box & indicator only currently) – Added visual hitmarker (customizable) – Added ‘Adrenaline’ option in visuals – on landing a shot/based on bomb time left – Added a map grenade throw helper (currently Mirage only) – see below for details/usage – Added enemy snaplines Release 1.4 (16.08.2019) – Nearest Bone is now based off of your recoil instead of the center of your screen – Box ESP details now shows player name – Resized health bar in Box ESP details – Fixed default override settings being out of range – Added show bomb carrier settings to glow esp and indicator esp – Fixed indicator esp being the wrong color when changed before reinitializing – Cleaned up Scripts kts file, renamed to MiscScripts and moved relevant script enables to their own files – SpectatorList and BombTimer moved to their own new files – Added crosshair option for snipers – Small changes to bomb timer bars – Bomb timer and spectator list now save position/alpha through saves Release 1.3.4 (21.07.2019) – Updated default settings to look more legit – Rewrote recoil crosshair for (easier) readability – Added rCrosshair x offset, rCrosshair y offset to allow for the recoil crosshair to be adjusted to work on borderless or windowed without issue – libGDX 1.9.3 -> 1.9.9 – VisUI 1.1.1 -> 1.4.2 – Jdk 1.8 -> 12 – Added X button to main menu, which closes the program – Updated visual of spectator list, and bomb timer – Updated bomb timer layout to match spectator list – Fixed issue with override weapons not working with weapon overrides already enabled on launch – Fixed issue with override weapons defaulting to STOMACH when NEAREST was selected – Fixed bone trigger only working with menu enabled – Fixed aim speed snapping when less than 10 – Aim speed is now between 1 – 5 (aim speed is ms delay per move) – Aim strictness & smoothness slider max changed from 10 -> 5 – Cleaned up all menu tabs excluding Options – Hotfixes – Fixed overlay defaulting to OVERLAY_WIDTH/HEIGHT, will use CSGO’s W&H if initialized fast enough – Fixed issue with not being able to plant bomb, shooting in menu – Fixed W2S being offset due to an issue when initializing overlay – Fixed gradle causing errors with kotlin dependencies in IDE – Added DEBUG variable in general.kts to help find initialization issues Release (06.06.2019) – Hotfix – Fixed issue with trying to modify m4a1s settings causing a crash – Fixed issue with chams team check – Fixed big issue, which could cause the game to crash constantly. >> A lot of people told me about this problem, should be completely fixed now. – Reworked the menu, so it now should function 100%, without any problems. Release 1.3.1 & 1.3.2 (15.05.2019) – Fixed RCS tab not updating text/sliders when loading cfgs – General file cleanup; removed ScriptsTab – Added checkbox to disable all aims – Disabling Aim/Esp disables all related items – Fixed resizing menu causing issues for the visuals tab – Moved aim key from misc tab to aim tab – Fixed RCS jumping down when spraying 2+ bullets in quick succession – Color picker initializes to the correct color instead of black – Menu alpha cannot go below .5, menu alpha increments by .05 instead of .1 – Moved Radar Esp to visuals tab – Fixed settings not reverting when unchecking Weapon Override – Added weapon override info to the warning dialog – XM is now labeled an automatic weapon – Max punch renamed to wep delay – Default value changes Release 1.3 (09.05.2019) – Replaced script.eval for improved performance – Faster saving (1-5 seconds) – Removed override weapons because of possible fps problems, to be implemented later – Removed aim assist mode and aim assist strictness, as the same can be accomplished easier with aim speed, aim smoothness, and aim strictness – Removed now useless variables, action log, swap speed min/max – Removed variables that from viewable settings shouldn’t be configured; max entities, cleanup time, process name, garbage collect on startup, process access flags, client module name, engine module name – Removed indicator esp (possibly reimplemented later) – Aimbot will choose closest target (or none) when aiming & bone trigger aiming, will hold target when force aiming – Fixed & cleaned up bone trigger issues – Fixed find target global var issues – Better performance overall Release 1.2.5 (03.05.2019) – Aimbot should be a lot better at finding the correct target with multiple enemies near the crosshair – Added customizable aim settings for all weapons – Saving will work in background, shouldn’t freeze game/not responding overlay – 3 total CFGs possible instead of original 1 – When using glow you now have the option to show what enemy the aimbot will target – Small cleanup – Bone trigger is more accurate towards finding the chest bone (3 through 7 now instead of just 6) – Fixed aim on bone trigger Release 1.2.4 (30.04.2019) – Added customizable aim settings for all weapons – Saving will work in background, shouldn’t freeze game/not responding overlay Release 1.2 (29.04.2019): – Updated README.md – Removed discord tag – Moved visuals toggle key to visuals tab, changed toggle key default to END Release 1.1 (24.04.2019): – Initial release STAUTS: ACTIVE

THREAD UPDATE (17.11.2020):
– I removed some sections, due to it being over a year old, and not being necessary for the thread anymore.
– I updated the “Features” section, since theres been added loads of stuff overtime, and that i haven’t added into the given section, i have now done that.
– I deleted old files from the RatPoison and Charlatano section, cause it was being flooded.
– I made it easier to overcome, and better to look at in general (removed unnecessay stuff).
– Added an status header, this way people can see if i’m active on the thread. Ex: if im on holiday, taking a break and so on. (might delete it, if i forget it too many times).

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Ratpoison (Charlatano)
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Ratpoison (Charlatano)

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