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Our cheat has a sexy click menu that allows features to be toggled on and off easily while in game without having to tab out. No confusing submenus or complicated settings. Simple to control and right at your fingertips


Our backtracking cheat for CSGO allows you to kill an enemy not in the position they are in currently but in the position they were before. This feature takes advantage of lag compensation.

Skin Changer

A skin changer enables you to change skin on any weapon, knife or gloves while in game without owning it in your inventory. Now you can put a DragonLore on your pistol if you want.

Knife Changer

The feature will change your knife skin mid game to any knife in CSGO without owning it in your inventory.

Glove Changer

Similar to the knife changer, this feature changes your gloves mid game without owning them in your inventory.

ESP / Wallhack

This feature will show enemy locations through walls before they become visible on your screen. We have Glow ESP, Chams ESP and Box ESP and an ESP that will display dropped weapons on the ground.

Spectator ESP

Spectator ESP displays a list of other players who are spectating you mid round. This means playing “legit” while being spectated and take a few more risks when you are not being spectated.

Rank Revealer

Rank revealer displays enemy ranks during or before the match.


Our aimbot has been called “the best legit aimbot” in the CSGO cheat community on many occasions. Not only that, we have added some the most popular rage-bot features as well, these include Silent-aim, backtracking, Auto-wall, Hit-scanning and Bone-scanning. This allows you to fight back against the biggest, most expensive cheats on the scene.


Triggerbot will fire your weapon automatically when your cross-hair is aimed at the enemy


This feature, when enabled, will automatically jump for you when you hit the ground ensuring the perfect bunnyhop each time!

Visual Effects

We have No-Flash which will hide the effects of flashbangs.

FOV Ring

We also have a FOV ring, this will display the aimbot FOV to show you exactly which enemies will be targeted by the aimbot.

Wire frame Hands

We also have wireframe hands, this adds a cool effect on your players hands. Or just hide your hands completely if you prefer

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