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[ANY] Aimbot (Auto Aimer) – AlliedModders

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A legal aimbot made for sourcemod.

Type in chat !aimbot (require CHEATS admin flag) for give you aimbot or !aimbot to give aimbot to someone. Also sm_aimbot in console and /aimbot in chat are available.

Before someone says something that I shouldn’t need to reply to, no this can’t get you banned, Valve can’t ban you (for cheats) for anything done server side.

Put in servers.cfg


sm_aimbot_everyone “0” // Aimbot everyone sm_aimbot_autoaim “0” // Aimbot auto aim sm_aimbot_fov “360.0” // Will only activate aimbot if target is within this fov of client (1.0 to disable) sm_aimbot_distance “8000.0” // Will only activate aimbot if target is within this distance of client (1.0 to disable) sm_aimbot_flashed “0” // Block aimbot when player is flashed sm_aimbot_norecoil “1” // Aimbot recoil control – 0 = disable, 1 = remove recoil, 2 = recoil control system sm_aimbot_text “1” // Controls if the plugin should be allowed to write to users when they connect
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