Solved – HWID banned account

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Solved – HWID banned account

Download Solved – HWID banned account for FREE

2 days ago my account banned. I used the warzone cheat for 2 days at lowest setting and at a point i couldnt understand if the aimbot is working. My overal kills didnt differ without cheating. Anyway i did a fresh install on Windows and install the game and battlenet at different disk and i made a new account. And BOOM shadowbanned immediately.
Conclution: Built in spoofer doesnt work and probably they ban the motherboard. Now i will wait if the shadowban go away and if not i changed my mac address and i will make a new one for one last time.
If anyone has an idea drop it.

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So the reason for your account getting Shadowbanned instantly is because your HWID is banned and because EO got detected almost the same day you bought the client. That was really poor timing I must admit, however, if you wait until the client is back up you should be able to use a new account with no problem. Again, there is always a risk of the client getting detected and no matter if you were playing semi-legit. The client still got detected and thus all accounts that you used or that anyone ever used with EngineOwning will be perm banned for life. This happens with any cheat software that gets detected. Also, I’m not sure why or whoever made this stupid rumor that reinstalling windows resets your HWID IDs because this is not true at all. The only thing a fresh install does is that it removes trace files left behind from the game. In like 95% of cases this is all that is needed but won’t fix the other 5% that you’re sadly apart of.

Also, I would like to point out that once EngineOwning is back up. You should be able to launch the cheat and a new account and have no problems until the next detection.

One more thing to add is that Call of Duty only HWID bans your Storage devices aka SSD/HDD. So if you replaced those devices and reinstalled windows you would be unHWID banned. However, this is only if you never want to cheat again.


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