Does Warzone have an anti-cheat?

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Does Warzone have an anti-cheat?

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The KSP 45 is a powerful SMG in Warzone Season 2, which is able to deal massive amounts of damage to your foes. Here are the best attachments and perks to make it even better.

Warzone’s integration with Black Ops Cold War back in December 2020 brought a huge meta change to the battle royale. Many new weapons became available, and there plenty of opportunities to try them out in Season 2.

The KSP 45 is a unique 3-round burst SMG that arrived in Warzone as part of this integration, and it’s capable of dishing out some extensive pain to your enemies. You can further improve it with this loadout.

KSP 45 in Black Ops Cold WarKSP 45 in Black Ops Cold War

Best Warzone Season 2 KSP 45 attachments

The weapon’s main strengths are its impressive damage and solid range, but it doesn’t have the best Iron Sights. Our KSP 45 loadout will focus on priming the SMG for medium-range run and gun combat situations.

You should equip the following attachments to the KSP 45:

  • Optic: Microflex LED
  • Barrel: 10.6″ Task Force
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Foregrip
  • Ammunition: Salvo 48 Rnd Fast Mag
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap

We’ll start off by fixing the issue with the Iron Sight by equipping the Microflex LED. This will significantly improve your chances of hitting your target with the help of the clear red dot sight.

The 10.6″ Task Force barrel will help improve the weapon’s already impressive effective damage range, along with the bullet velocity. It will also give a slight boost to the bullet damage so that you can dish out more pain at medium-range.

Warzone Season 2Warzone Season 2

The weapon’s recoil could become a problem when you’re firing at a far-off enemy, so we’ll fix that with the Field Agent Foregrip. This will provide both vertical and horizontal recoil control to the KSP 45 SMG.

We picked the Salvo 48 Rnd Fast Mag because it improves the reload time and maximum ammo capacity of the weapon. This will reduce the number of times you’re left vulnerable to enemy attacks, but at the cost of some ADS time.

You can make up for that with the Airborne Elastic Wrap, and that covers the best KSP 45 loadout to use in Warzone Season 2.

Best perks for Warzone Season 2 KSP 45

Now that we’ve picked the right attachments, we’ll go over the best perks for the KSP 45 SMG

  • Perk 1: E.O.D
  • Perk 2: Overkill
  • Perk 3: Amped

Since you’ll engage in medium-range encounters with this weapon, you’ll need to watch out for grenades and other explosives. The E.O.D perk will make you more resistant against explosive damage while you have it equipped.

The reason we recommend equipping Overkill is because it will allow you to carry two primary weapons, and Amped will make sure that you can switch between the two rapidly.

Warzone Season 2 Warzone Season 2

How to unlock the KSP 45 in Warzone Season 2

You can unlock the KSP 45 SMG for yourself when you hit Level 37. You can reach that by hopping into Verdansk and playing well during multiple matches.

With Black Ops Cold War being integrated into Warzone, the gun will be available for you to use in both of these titles.

Best KSP 45 Warzone Season 2 alternatives

If you prefer something with more recoil control then we recommend the MP7. This weapon also offers more range than almost all of the other SMGs in Warzone. The Bullfrog is also a viable alternative due to its magazine size and headshot damage multiplier.

If you’re looking to overhaul your Call of Duty: Warzone loadouts, you can check out our guides on some of the weapons dominating the meta right now.

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