Best Graphic Settings for Call of Duty Warzone [UPDATED 2020]

Best Graphic Settings for Call of Duty Warzone [UPDATED 2020] - Download Best Graphic Settings for Call of Duty Warzone for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

Best Graphic Settings for Call of Duty Warzone [UPDATED 2020]

Download Best Graphic Settings for Call of Duty Warzone [UPDATED 2020] for FREE

As new Warzone content and Call of Duty games get released, their size continues to grow, taking up more and more hard drive space. Below is a list of the best Hard Drives and SSD drives for PC, which will give you more than enough space to store Warzone on.

While this isn’t related to its graphic setting, it is a recurring issue for many gamers, (come update week), so though I would cover it here as well.

Your standard Hard Drive Disk (HDD) in the first column, is naturally slower than the SSD Drives in the second column, but they are also cheaper.

The cheapest of these is the WD Blue 1TB SATA HDD ($42.99), which costs less than the full game itself and can store Warzone  4 times over at its current size of 250GB.

If you uninstall game modes you don’t play such as the Single Player Campaign, Multiplayer and Spec Ops, you can get even more space out of the drive. Either way, for such a low cost you wont need to ever worry about Warzone update week again.

5400rpm vs 7200rpm

The WD Blue range are however entry level drives, as they only have a 5400rpm, which can slow you load times down.

If you have the extra $20, I would highly suggest getting the much faster WD Black 1TB SATA HDD (), which is a 7200rpm hard drive.

The WD Black series are also built to last longer and I personally have many of them in my gaming PCs, actually running Warzone off one of them and have no load time, and definitely no storage issues.

If you want even more reliability, then check out the WD Ultrastar range. They also come with a bigger cache size to speed load time up even more. The Seagate range are also amazing, and a great alternative to WD Ultrastar.

Look at getting a 4TB Drive for Warzone

In terms of size, the above mentioned drives are all 1TB, which is the lowest size drive I would recommend. Anything less is just a waste of space in your PC case. if your budget allows, then I would ideally suggest getting a 4TB, as this will provide you with a ton of space, not only for Warzone but many other games, so that you won’t have to worry again for years to come.

If not, a 1TB is absolutely fine.


While you can’t beat Standard SATA HDDs, when it comes to $ per GB, if you want more speed to lower those load time even further, then SATA SSDs are the way to go.

As the names suggest, both technologies run off the SATA interface connection, but SATA SSD (Solid State Drive) is easily 4 times faster thanks to it having no spinning parts (thus the name solid state), allowing your CPU to access data in an instant.

SSD basically makes full usage of the SATA interface’s 6gb/s (750MB/s) bandwidth speed limit, where as Standard HDD are only able to reach around 1.12gb/s (114MB/s) due to their spindle design.

Running Warzone off a SATA SSD will give you signification load time boosts over HDD, but they do cost more $ per GB.

Here again, I would suggest looking at a 1TB SATA SSD such as the Samsung 860 EVO 1TB ($109.99) as your gaming drive, on which you can install Warzone, as well as at least 10 of your other most played and favorite games.

This is a estimated average based on an average of 75GB per game (which most AAA tiles are these days) over and above Warzone at 250GB, . Naturally not all games are 75GB, with the majority between 5-20GB, with some indie games only coming in around 2GB. So your mileage will vary here depending on what you play most.

In short, you can install Warzone easily and still have tons of space, while taking advantage of SSD speeds.

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