How to Install (& Play) the Extra Roles Mod in Among Us

How to Install (& Play) the Extra Roles Mod in Among Us - Download How to Install (& Play) the Extra Roles Mod in Among Us for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

How to Install (& Play) the Extra Roles Mod in Among Us

Download How to Install (& Play) the Extra Roles Mod in Among Us for FREE

The Extra Roles Mod by NotHunter101 introduces four crewmate roles, each with unique abilities, into Among Us. Here’s how to install and play it.

Role mods for Among Us have gained an impressive amount of traction in the world of online streaming, and, though many of these mods are exclusive to content creators, some have made it to the broader community. Popular role mods introduce special jobs for crewmates to complete in addition to their regular tasks, often including a new ability that empowers them against the Impostors. These mods have included roles like the Sheriff, who has the ability to kill Impostors, the Medic, who can revive a dead crewmate before the body is reported, and Jester, who tries to purposely get ejected to win the game. Now, a new mod by NotHunter101, the Extra Roles Mod, combines adds four familiar crewmate roles into a single game: Medic, Officer, Engineer, and Joker.

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This mod is available for public download and works on the official InnerSloth servers, provided all players have it installed in their game files. The catch, of course, is that it will only work for PC players; mobile and Switch users won’t be able to download it. Introducing crewmate roles can be a fun way to shake up the traditional Among Us formula while players wait for the next updates. Here’s how to download, install, and play the Extra Roles Mod for Among Us.

Download and Install the Extra Roles Mod for Among Us

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To get the Extra Roles Mod, players will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Download the mod from NotHunter101’s Releases tab on GitHub. Players should select the most recent version.
  2. Enter the Downloads folder (or the location of the downloaded .rar mod files) and open them with WinRar. Players can learn more about downloading and installing WinRar if they do not already have the program.
  3. Open Steam and navigate to Library.
  4. Right-click Among Us in the Library, find Manage, and click Browse Local Files.
  5. Drag all the mod files into the Among Us directory, the folder that contains Among Us.exe.
  6. Launch Among Us. This may take a few moments.
  7. Look in the top left of the main menu screen and check to make sure it reads Mods: 3 and Extra Roles Mod vX.X.X Loaded, with X.X.X being the current mod version number.

NotHunter101 added a video tutorial, linked below, to help players with installation.

Players can also join the Discord Server for the mod to get technical support and report any bugs.

How to Play the Extra Roles Mod in Among Us

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The Extra Roles mod brings four roles that will be randomly assigned to crewmates every game. Most of these roles function similarly to their standalone role mod versions:

  • Medic: Unlike the Doctor role mod, the Medic in the Extra Roles mod can grant any crewmate a shield that makes them immortal until the Medic dies. Medics can also receive a report when they find a dead body that gives clues about the killer’s identity. If they find the body within a few seconds of the , they may even get to see the name of the killer in the report.
  • Officer: Like the Sheriff, the Officer can kill anyone they perceive to be the Impostor. If the Officer shoots a crewmate, they will die instead. Officers can shoot the Joker, with or without repercussions depending on selected settings.
  • Engineer: Engineers can repair one sabotage emergency per game from anywhere on the map without needing to stop doing a task. They can also vent like Impostors.
  • Joker: Like the Jester, the Joker isn’t really on the crewmates’ or the Impostors’ side. Instead, they are out to win the game for themselves and must convince the others to eject them. Unlike the standalone Jester role mod, the Joker will not receive any tasks to complete, helping make them look even more suspicious.

The rest of the gameplay in this mod mirrors the classic version of Among Us.

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The mod comes with some default settings that lobby hosts can tweak if they prefer. In the default settings, all role identities are hidden from other players, but players will be able to see the player the Medic has shielded, and the shielded player will hear a noise indicating any time another player has tried (and failed) to kill them while under protection. The default settings also allow the Joker to be killed by the Officer without repercussion, preventing that character from winning the game.

Other default settings include a five-second timeframe from the moment a character is killed for the medic to open the report and see the name of the killer and a twenty-second timeframe for them to see the color type (lighter or darker hue) of the killer. In addition, the default settings ensure every game will include all four roles. Players can change any of these settings to suit their group’s play styles and make the game more or less challenging.

Players may need to start a non-official server if the InnerSloth official servers’ anti-cheat software prevents the use of some features in the mod. There are resources available on the mod page to help players get started.

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Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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