How Among Us Fans Are Playing On MacOS

How Among Us Fans Are Playing On MacOS - Download How Among Us Fans Are Playing On MacOS for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

How Among Us Fans Are Playing On MacOS

Download How Among Us Fans Are Playing On MacOS for FREE

Although Among Us isn’t compatible on Mac, it hasn’t stopped fans of the game from figuring out ways to play the popular Twitch hit using the Mac OS.

With its sci-fi setting and social deduction gameplay, Among Us has become a surprise hit. Despite launching in 2018, the game has recently found a huge following due in part to being a major hit on Twitch. Currently, the game is only available on Steam and compatible for PC, and on mobile for iOS and Android devices. This means fans who want to play Among Us on a Mac are left out.

However, many fans of Among Us are finding ways to play the game on Mac anyway. The game has been incredibly popular lately, both with mobile users and PC players, some of which have even started hacking Among Us in order to modify the game’s rules. Until developer InnerSloth creates a version of Among Us compatible with MacOS, fans with Macs are having to find other ways to play the game. However, some of these methods are more legitimate than others.

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Playing Among Us for free on PC may sound enticing, but it cheats an indie studio like InnerSloth out of revenue and doesn’t reward the hard work that goes into creating the game. With new features currently available in Among Us’ beta for PC owners, it seems like Mac users are going to miss out on even more content soon. However, Mac users who still want to purchase the game and play Among Us still have options. It just may take a little extra effort.

Playing Among Us Using BlueStacks or Boot Camp

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One obvious solution is to install Windows onto the Mac, although some Mac users will undoubtedly be hesitant to do that. This means players will have to use a program like Boot Camp in order to get Windows working on Mac OS. The steps can be complicated, especially to people who may not understand computers very well. By using Boot Camp, fans of Among Us can purchase the game on Steam and install it onto their Mac.


An easier way may be using BlueStacks, which offers Android emulation. This means Among Us fans will need to purchase the game from the Google Play Store, and use BlueStacks to emulate the game as if it were on mobile. It requires fewer steps than using Boot Camp for the first time, which is why it’s the preferred method by a lot of Mac users right now.

Until InnerSloth releases an official version for MacOS, fans will have to resort to using these outside methods if they want to play the game. For now, most fans are using BlueStacks to play Among Us, although Boot Camp can be used as well.

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