Dragon City Free Gems | Dragon City Cheats

Dragon City Free Gems | Dragon City Cheats - Download Dragon City Free Gems | Dragon City Cheats for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

Dragon City Free Gems | Dragon City Cheats

Download Dragon City Free Gems | Dragon City Cheats for FREE

Dragon city as the name states it, is a game about dragons available on mobile platforms (IOS and Android) and also on computer. If you are passionate about dragons and the universe that comes with them, then this game is perfect for you. Dragon City is about taking care of special pets, we’re not talking about dogs and cats but about powerful dragons. You’ll have at your disposal a city full of dragons ready to grow in power to serve you.

The game does not only focus on the competitive dimension that consists in having duels by growing dragons with different abilities and special power. Dragon city is also about building friendships with player from all around the world in order to help each other and exchange game related stuff. We can’t talk about a video game in our modern era without including social interaction through the multiplayer feature. The more friends you make the more resources you’ll get via the system of friend’s bonuses and gifts.

Throughout your game adventure on Dragon city, you’ll have to take care of your dragons, feed them and train them so they can have a good performance during duels. Remember to focus on quality rather than quantity because one powerful dragon remains largely superior to many weak ones. That’s why it’s important to shift your focus toward dragons that have the biggest potential instead of having an army of average dragons.

Depending on the type of dragon, you’ll need to start with an egg that takes certain time before giving birth to a little dragon. The game includes the time dimension, so you’ll need to give your eggs and dragons time before you can get a mature powerful dragon. There are many types of dragons that can be classified by rarity. The rarer the dragon is the more powerful he can become, because rare dragons presents special attributes that can be really advantageous in duels.

In Dragon city, there are three resources: Gold, Food and Gems. Gold can get you regular items and customizations and food is something essential for dragon’s growth. However, these two resources can’t be compared with the advantages that can procured by Gems. Of course, it’s really hard to get Gems on Dragon city, you get few as reward upon level upgrade or a great achievement. They can also be rewarded in competition, but to be honest it’s hard to compete with players that come to duel with huge boosts and advantages.

There aren’t many alternatives when it comes to getting Gems on Dragon city, you either need to dedicate yourself and spend a lot of time playing or get resources easily through the app purchases. You certainly encountered players that seem to have unlimited gems, having in their possession the most valuable items.

You don’t have to spend endless hours in front of your mobile or computer screen to gather enough Gems to purchase the dragons of your dreams. We thought of you and conceived a solution that’ll get you as much Gems as you want on Dragon City.


How to get free Gems on Dragon City:

Now, it’s easy to get yourself the Gems that you need on Dragon City, you can say goodbye to the times where you’d have to wait endless hours to get a dragon egg. With the help of our platform you’ll finally be able to obtain free gems. All you have to do is follow our instructions for a successful generation process.

The first thing required from the user is to access the dedicated platform that our team conceived for Dragon city game. We tried to give our users a simple platform that won’t cause confusion when it is used. The interface contains all the elements required by our systems to conduct the process which will affect the gems into your account.

Start by putting your account name in the proper box, it is the target account that’ll receive the resources. Make sure to enter a valid account name that has been recently active in-game. Any mistake can lead to a false affectation, which means that someone else might receive the Free gems in your place. Before further operations, our system will run a database research synched with Dragon City servers to ensure the validity of the account. We don’t want to lose resources on invalid accounts or unused accounts.

The step that comes next is the selection of the amount of Gems that you wish to acquire. It’s not the user that specifically chooses the number of gems that’ll be affected to his Dragon City account because we have to ensure the proper repartition of resources among our users. The number of Gems available within our databases is limited and depends on many factors, so we should share equitably on our platform users.

However, we made sure that the minimum available amount of gems is largely sufficient to get you the best items in Dragon City. So make sure the select the highest available resource that the platform proposes and to click on the proceed button to start the process.

The whole process takes usually between 2 to 5 minutes, and the affectation of the Gems that you’ll gain is instant. It means there are no delays between the validation concluded by our platform and the effective reception of Gems on your account.

The last step is going to be accessing your Dragon city account. If the account was already on during the generation, please restart the application if you’re on mobile or refresh the website if you are playing on computer. And you’re done, you can immediately purchase whatever can be purchased by Dragon city gems.

How does it work?

Our Dragon city data philter come up with the transactions related data that are generated when the user complete the purchase of a pack through the application store. The system reinitializes the core values of the collected data to make it usable again by our users. This operation is vital for the affectation of the Gems to a specific account as the initial codes become invalid upon usage.

A special dotation is created when someone uses the platform according to the amount of selected resources. The data is instantly processed upon user request and the account affectation follows. As mentioned before, you don’t have to bother yourself with what’s technically going on the background, we are here to take care of any eventual problem that may occur.

We added a mini dashboard that’ll keep you updated of the advancement of every operation run by the system. It’ll keep you notified if there’s a problem that require manual intervention from the user, like refreshing the page and reentering the adequate information. Generally, the system is capable of detecting the issues and fixing them by itself, but sometimes we have to intervene.

It’s crucial for the good functioning of the platform to keep ourselves up to date with the future updates and correctives operated on Dragon city. Some changes can heavily affect the performance of the platform, that’s why we should always keep an eye on the upcoming features and updates especially the important ones.

The reception of your free Gems happens directly when the system signals the successful affectation of the resources. You’ll find them once you log back into your account and will be able to use them from that moment. Problems beyond our control can happen, our advice to you is to restart the platform by refreshing the website and fulfilling back the information. If the problem persists you can contact us, it’ll help us a lot in improving the platform and provide a better service for our users.


Since its release in 2012, many entities and gaming blogs worked on providing players with cheats that could make their game experience on Dragon city better. And of course, some of them were successful and very useful whereas other cheats had no value at all.

During your research, you probably came across many websites that claim to give you Gems and other resources on Dragon city. We’re not saying that all of them are fake, but a large number of websites will only try to get your account information. You have to be careful where it comes to downloading tools and software that claim to be able to get you unlimited resources. The truth about these software is that their only purpose is to steal your account or infect your computer. Once you install a malicious software on your device, it can have access to your data and comprise the functioning of your machine.

To avoid such problems, it’s better to go for online platform because no harm can be done to your device through web browsers. And the most important thing is to not give your account password to anyone, and if some entity asks for it, you’ll surely lose your account.

Dragon city cheats can’t be conceived by people without the technical knowledge that fits the game’s technology. We’re talking about two different versions of the game, one available for mobile and one on computer through web browsers. The developer should be aware of the compatibility disparities to prevent the eventual problems that may occur due to that.

Finding cheats for Dragon City is all about finding a reliable platform that keeps their system up to date with the game because the major problem with cheats is that at a certain point they become outdated.

Dragon city hack:

A hack is generally a tool that provides an in-game advantage. There are several types of hacks that you can find on the internet:

  • Game mechanism changers: These tools change the core rules of the game. If for instance a completed task gives x points, it’ll give ten times the amount if it is edited. If it is enable, it can bring a huge advantage to its holder. However, it remains very difficult to find a working hack for several reasons. The first and main reason is that it requires a lot of time and effort for developers to come up with such tools. Even when a tool is launched, it gets patched quickly and thus all the efforts are reduced to zero.
  • APK versions: This option is only limited for Android users. They have the possibility to download edited versions of the game. Installing these versions requires some technical modifications on your phone’s parameters. It is perfect for users who wish to discover all the features of the game. There are usually no restrictions nor limits. The only inconvenient of APK mods is that your game session is totally disconnected from Dragon City. You get no updates and you’re not eligible to the online mode.
  • Gems injection: This hack is the most suitable for players who want to gain a slight advantage without modifying the game’s parameters. Everything is done online through a platform connected to Dragon City servers. It is for sure the most secure alternative among the three hacks. Everything is conducted within an online session. No parameters modifications are required, which prevents security issues. Dragon city gems hack remains the best option in terms of results and performance. It relies on a technology that interacts with user accounts independently which limits compatibility issues.

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