Cheats and Secrets – Spider-Man PS4 Wiki Guide

Cheats and Secrets - Spider-Man PS4 Wiki Guide - Download Cheats and Secrets - Spider-Man PS4 Wiki Guide for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

Cheats and Secrets – Spider-Man PS4 Wiki Guide

Download Cheats and Secrets – Spider-Man PS4 Wiki Guide for FREE

Last Edited: 11 Sep 2018 4:21 pm

IGN’s Spider-Man PS4 cheats and secrets guide gives you the inside scoop into every cheat, hidden code, helpful glitch, exploit, and secret in Spider-Man PS4.

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Unlock the Hidden 28th Suit

There’s one Spider-Man Suit in the game that does not show up in the Suits page, even after completing the game.

In order to earn this suit, you must find and catalogue all 50 of the Secret Photo Ops in Manhattan. These points of interest work like Landmarks, but they do not appear on the map, and only a level 50 Suit Mod will reveal them – but only in short range on your minimap.

Find and take a picture of these locations when the camera icon goes green, and you’ll be awarded with the ESU Suit, featuring Peter Parker with his mask and wearing his college shirt featured in the scene at the end of the story.

Since you get to use the camera very early in the game, you can start finding these after the Landmarking Main Mission – See the Secret Photo Op Locations page for details on where to find them all!

Change the Time of Day

During the Main Story, you will be unable to change the time of day as certain story beats happen during the day, night, and in certain weather as well.


While certain Side Missions or Research Station objectives will force a time of day switch, you won’t be able to manually alter the time of day until you beat the game. Once you do, you can head to any of the Research Stations you’ve unlocked, and look for a display panel on the right to swap between Day, Sunset, and Night.

While most collectibles are displayed prominently on the map or elsewhere, there are a few items that don’t readily show up.

When walking about the city, you can inspect the red newspaper pins on the street to pick up a Daily Bugle Headline – and you’ll be treated to a collectible front page spread of your achievements in the game so far.

If you get repeat spreads, try doing more main or side missions to unlock new headlines based on your exploits or other story events.

You can also find audiologs in certain places in the game, and these will also be catalogued in your Collections page.

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