Among Us: The Different Game Locations

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Among Us: The Different Game Locations

Download Among Us: The Different Game Locations for FREE

Among Us is one of the most fun, entertaining, and popular games that you can play right now. It seems like everyone is playing the game, or at least knows about it. It’s great since this means that millions of people can play the game around the world. When you play this game, you either play as an Impostor or as a crewmate.




Playing as a Crewmate in Among Us

As the Impostor, your goal is to kill all of the crewmates to win the game. You can sabotage major equipment like O2 and Reactor to win as well. If you play as a crewmate, your goal is to complete all the tasks or successfully identify. Aside from that, you must eject the Impostors before they kill you all. If you’re wondering what kind of tasks you need to do, then you’ve come to the right page. This article will provide a guide on the tasks available in this game.

Tasks in Among Us

It is important to remember that the Host can only set up tasks in the lobby. Moreover, there is a maximum number of tasks that a Host can set up. If you’re the Host, you can set up a maximum of 2 Common tasks, 3 Long tasks, and 5 Short tasks. That’s the max, which means you can set up less than that. The kinds of tasks they can set up will depend on the map that the game is being played. Below are more details about the types of tasks you can use.

The Different Types of Tasks

There are four different types of tasks available in the game: short tasks, Long tasks, Common tasks, and Visual tasks. As a crewmate, the longer the tasks are, the higher the risk for them to get killed. It is because they are occupied and impostors can take advantage of it. In addition, it is important for both sides what these tasks are to execute/fake it properly.




  • Short Tasks – these tasks are usually easy to complete and will require only 1 step. The tasks also won’t take too much time, so they’re usually the fastest tasks you can complete. Align Engine Output is an example of a short task. Here, you only need to align the engine on the line at the center and then you’re done.
  • Common Tasks – Each crewmate will have this task if it’s included in the task list. So if a crewmate has this, everyone will have it as well. Consequently, if the Common task doesn’t exist on a crewmate, then it means no one has it. This is one way of identifying an impostor since you can easily spot if they’re faking a task. For example, they tried doing the Swipe Card task, but it doesn’t exist on yours, then it means they are just faking it.
  • Long Tasks – These are tasks that will usually take a lot of time and require two or more steps to complete. One example is the Start Reactor task, which will require several steps before you can complete it. Here, you have to memorize and repeat a pattern to successfully complete the task.
  • Visual Tasks – These are tasks that will show an animation while doing it or after it is completed. It’s a great type of task that can prove your innocence as a crewmate since impostors can’t fake these types of tasks. However, the animation of Visual tasks can be removed by the host. That’s why it is important to check your settings when playing the game.

Completing Tasks as a Ghost

The game also allows you to complete a task even when you’re dead. So there’s no need to worry about being useless or missing all the fun once you’re dead. Help contribute to these tasks and help your Crewmate team win. Otherwise, you’ll be outwitted by the impostor! Although, when an impostor decides to sabotage some of your equipment, you cannot help in repairing it as a ghost. Only alive crewmates can repair sabotaged equipment. Moreover, ghosts cannot communicate with the alive crewmates as well, they can only talk to other ghosts.

Practicing Tasks in Freeplay

If you’re a beginner, or you’ve never played as a decent Crewmate, you can practice doing tasks. It’s also helpful if you’re planning on becoming a convincing killer. In Freeplay mode, you can practice completing these tasks from the Cafeteria laptop. Select Customize and get started on familiarizing yourself with each map. It is important to do this since it will improve your skills in playing Among Us. Moreover, it will make you enjoy the game more as well since you won’t have a hard time.




It is always better to know more about the tasks than go around the map clueless. Being clueless sometimes makes you suspicious among the other crewmates even if you’re innocent since you’re not being productive. Even if you’re a crewmate, you still need to be able to convince everyone that you are by executing your tasks properly. On the other hand, you have to practice faking them properly as well if you’re the impostor. This increases your chances of winning the game.

Task Location

Each task will be located in specific rooms on the map. It’s important to note that certain tasks’ locations will be different depending on the map. Example, the Store Artifacts task. This short task is located in the Specimen room in Polus map. Some tasks can be in different rooms in every map. That’s why you cannot be complacent when doing tasks on different maps. You must familiarize yourself with the maps and the tasks in it.

The type of task will change depending on the map. One example is Clear Asteroids. In The Skeld and Mira HQ, this task is considered long, while Polus is considered short. In The Skeld and Polus, the Clear Asteroids task is also considered as a Visual task.

Whether you’re a crewmate or an impostor, it is important to know about this when playing Among Us. As a game of make-pretend, it is crucial to execute the roles well. To do this, knowing the tasks is a must.

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