Among us Mod Menu Pc

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Among us Mod Menu Pc

Download Among us Mod Menu Pc for FREE

Mod Details: Always Imposter
All Skins Unlocked
All Pets Unlocked
All Hats Unlocked
No Ads
Custom Move Speed

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To get started, we first need to download the Among Us Mod Menu to your device. This is a simple process, and you will only have to do this once to get access for life.

The Insta-kill for Among us Mod Menu PC

Function permits you to eliminate opponents non-stop as well as without delays. This hack comes extremely much in helpful when you’re a impostor.

Limitless skins, pet dogs, and also hats

You can display your collection of different skins, pets, and hats to your crewmembers while using the Among Us fitness instructor.

Instakill attribute

The Instakill feature allows you to eliminate opponents continuous as well as right away. This hack comes quite in handy when you’re a impostor. The crewmembers will certainly be left surprised without any time to counter your attacks.


Chats and Ghosts exposure hack

You will have the capacity to watch conversations and also ghosts using this hack, allowing you to instantly spot the imposters. Those playing the function of a crewmate will really appreciate this function, making you the hero among the players and gaining advantages!


The Wallhack feature offers you the upper hand in the video game by providing visuals with concretes and also strong frameworks. It becomes one of one of the most beneficial hacks in the Among Us video game incorporated with 2D radar hack. You will certainly have the ability to prevent walls along the way as well as kill gamers at the farthest ranges using these hacks.

Illumination hacks among us mod menu cheats

When there is no light, be a impostor or a crewmember; this cheat will certainly let you see also. Being able to see at night in this game will definitely give you the benefit of spotting your challengers and attacking them prior to they also see you.

You also get to enjoy various other features like locating impostors, radar and maphack, rate hack, boundless sabotage hack, Make Me impostor, and neglect wallhack. These functions can just be a dream for various other gamers while you can take pleasure in limitlessly when you download the mod menu from our website.

This is such an useful function when you intend to make several kills on your own and be the star of the suit. Since you won’t lose time cooling after a kill, you will be able to kill continuous.

No Cooldown hack

This hack is just one of the coolest functions of the Among Us game fitness instructor where you do not have to quit as well as wait for kill cooldown. You can eliminate several gamers without needing to cool off.

The Wallhack feature offers you the top hand in the game by offering visuals with concretes and also strong structures. It becomes one of the most useful hacks in the Among Us video game integrated with 2D radar hack. You will certainly be able to stay clear of walls along the means and eliminate players at the farthest distances using these hacks.

About Among us Mod Menu for PC – Android – IOS

Among Us is the game of the moment for players of every ages, as well as numerous points distinguish this video game from others. The video game has straightforward graphics, but a great gameplay and premise, which is entertaining countless players around the globe.
The structure of Among Us resembles that of prominent tricks. There depend on three impostors inside the crew of a ship, who should perform numerous jobs to win the round. Impostors, in addition to having the ability to undermine oxygen and illumination, need to kill the team members obscure. Survivors can call emergency meetings to choose a possible individual accountable as well as throw him off the ship.
With the wonderful need for the game, it was expected that soon some “hacks” would certainly appear for Among Us.
Among these “hacks” is a mod that helps both PC, Android and iOS. In this hack you can always be the impostor, beat the game immediately, enhance the rate of your character, as well as likewise release skins, hats and also pets that are obstructed.


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