Among Us Mod Menu APK v2020.11.17 | All Mode Unlocked | Download.

Among Us Mod Menu APK v2020.11.17 | All Mode Unlocked | Download. - Download Among Us Mod Menu APK v2020.11.17 | All Mode Unlocked | Download. for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

Among Us Mod Menu APK v2020.11.17 | All Mode Unlocked | Download.

Download Among Us Mod Menu APK v2020.11.17 | All Mode Unlocked | Download. for FREE

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Among Us is an online multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth. It was initially released on June 15, 2018, but blew up to gain worldwide popularity earlier this year. It is a social deduction game based on a space theme where players are randomly assigned either of the two roles available, namely Among Us mod menu- crewmate or imposter. A game can have between one to three imposters.
With over 100 million downloads on the play store, it comes as no surprise that some fans have modified the game’s content and added several new features in the Among Us Mod menu.

About Among Us Mod Menu

Among Us, Mod Menu APK is the perfect solution to having the best Among Us experience. It makes your gaming experience even better. The Among Us Mod Menu brings interesting new features like Immortality, access to various costumes for your avatar, an unlimited number of emergency meetings and much more. The hacks of this game make your gameplay faster, more efficient and make you a stronger player. Download the Among Us Mod menu immediately so you can beat all your friends and access all the coolest hack features. With the hack features, you would have no cooldowns, making you a deadly killer. The Among Us mod menu APK also doesn’t have any bugs, so your game won’t ever glitch.

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Details of Among Us Mod Menu

Apk Name:  Among Us MOD Menu Apk
App Version: 2020.11.17
Apk Size: 71 MB
Lastly, Updated on Dec 2020
Price: Free
Android Support: Yes
Ads: No

Among Us Mod Menu APK v2020.11.17 | All Mode Unlocked | Download.among us mod menu apk

Among Us Mod APK Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty straightforward, 4-10 players can participate in a single game. The players are randomly assigned a role of either a crewmate or an imposter and landed in an alien spaceship, sky headquarters, or a planet base, where the game takes place. The aim of the imposter is to eliminate the crewmates and/or sabotage the spaceship.

Among Us Mod Menu APK takes place on a spaceship. Join with your team of players in a private room or join a public room. There are three maps on which players can play – the Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus. The game will start as soon as the number of players assigned to the room is met. Choose your own costumes and names for your avatar in the lobby. Then the game will choose who are imposters and crewmates.

The crewmates do tasks while the imposters kill crewmates, use the vents to escape and sabotage the ship. Through emergency meetings, Among Us Mod Menu you can try to sus out the imposter. The killed players can keep doing tasks as ghosts and talk in the ghost chat. Other players can also chat with each other but apart from meetings, players aren’t allowed to voice chat with each other.

While this is how every Among Us game works, Among Us Mod Menu APK allows you to use features that can help you win every time. For example, only ghosts can see ghosts in normal Among Us. However, the Among Us Mod Menu APK lets you see ghosts even when you are an alive crewmate or imposter. This allows you to know who is dead and what tasks they are doing, so you can sabotage. There are many such advantages to gameplay if you use Among Us Mod Menu APK.

While it is the objective of the crewmates to complete their given task list and discover all the imposters through emergency meetings, in order to win the game.
Imposters have access to quick getaways through the process of venting. Also, when a crewmate gets killed they turn into a ghost and can continue to complete their tasks to aid

the remaining crewmates, while they remain unseen by crewmates and imposters alike.
The graphics, though not very remarkable, have a neat design that fits the theme. For some variety, players can choose from three maps or regions for playing the game: The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus.

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Among Us MOD Menu Features

Always Impostor- Among Us Mod Menu

It is no secret that playing as an impostor is way more fun and thrilling, and what most players look forward to when playing the game. Of course in a regular game, the roles are randomly assigned so there is no guarantee to whether you get to play as an impostor. But with the MOD menu, you can choose to be an impostor every single time!

Unlimited Meeting- Among Us Mod Menu

Whenever a body is reported or when a player suspects another you can call emergency meetings. However, in Among Us the number of meetings is limited and needs to be planned out. If you run out of meetings then your chances of catching the imposter are low.

Download Among Us Mod Menu and you can call unlimited meetings. This means that you can control the number of meetings. If you have Among us Mod apk and you are the imposter or crewmate, you can use it to your advantage to win the game. Download Among Us Mod Menu now and increase your chances of winning.

No Kill Cool Down- Among Us Mod Menu

After every kill, the imposter has to wait a few seconds for the kill action to restore. A big disadvantage of this, apart from the obvious minor inconvenience it poses, is that if the imposter gets caught red-handed, there is a high chance of the crewmate escaping with this incriminating piece of evidence and subsequently getting voted out through an emergency meeting.

But not anymore, with this Among Us Mod APK feature of zero kills cooldown, now as impostor you don’t need to fear getting caught in the act. You can also enjoy double and triple kills with ease.

Wall Hack- Among Us Mod Menu

This hack makes escaping so much easier. As an imposter, you don’t need to rely on vents alone as you now have the ability to transcend all material objects.

Speed/Fly Hack- Among Us Mod Menu

Can escaping be made any easier? As if the wallhack wasn’t a boon enough, but now the impostor gets a speed boost over the other players.

Ghosts Are Now Visible- Among Us Mod Menu

With this Among Us Mod apk, you can now see ghosts and therefore easily narrow down the number of suspects when voting out the impostor.

The Among Us Mod APK allows you to view ghosts even when you are alive as crewmate or imposter. Thus you can figure out who has died and sus out the imposter. If you are an imposter you can keep track of kills and see what tasks the ghosts are doing. Either way, Among Us Mod Menu, gives you an advantage over other players.

Light Hack- Among Us Mod Menu

With the Mod APK, the impostor shall no longer be able to take advantage of the darkness to stealthily kill your fellow crewmates, as now you can see all parts of the ship in light or dark. However, if you download Among Us Mod Menu APK, even as a crewmate you can see things when the lights are off. So you can catch the imposter and see what is going on at all times.

Instant Kill- Among Us Mod Menu

To make the killing action even more seamless and foolproof, among us Mod APK gives you the ability to instantly kill a crewmate. They won’t even realize what hit them until it’s too late.

Mod Menu Unlocked- Among Us Mod Menu

A menu with multiple cool features is now at your disposal with the Mod feature.

Unlimited Costumes/Skins- Among Us Mod Menu

Among Us Mod Menu APK lets you choose from an unlimited number of skins, hats and other accessories so you can personalize your experience as you play.

Always Win Mode- Among Us Mod Menu

The ultimate cheat hack! You will win no matter what, whether in the role of crewmate or impostor. But undoubtedly this will significantly reduce the enjoyment of the gaming experience, but nevertheless is a trump card worth hiding up your sleeve.

Fake Vote- Among Us Mod Menu

With the help of this Among Us mod menu, you can change your vote during the voting process and considerably confuse the other players.

Download Among Us Mod APK v2020.11.17 |Among Us MOD Menu All Unlocked|

Among Us MOD APK Installation Guide

Method 1: For Android

  • First of download Among Us Mod Menu APK from the below download link provided.
  • Now you will be redirected to our telegram channel, download the apk from there.
  • Install the Among Us mod by allowing unknown sources in your android device.
  • Open the Among Us Mod apk.
    And finally, you have successfully installed Mod APK on your android device!

Method 2: For PC

  • First of all download and install Bluestack Android Emulator on your PC.
  • Next Download Among Us Mod Menu APK on your PC from below download link provided.
  • Install Among Us Mod apk on your pc using bluestack Emulator App.
  • Now open the among us mod menu apk on your PC using Bluestack Android Emulator.
    And you are good to go !

Among Us Mod APK v2020.11.17 [ Wallhack, Visible Ghosts ] Free Download


The Among Us Mod Apk is the number one choice to make your gameplay more fun and exciting. Download now to experience all these new features. Be a winner with the help of the Among Us Mod Menu.

F.A.Q about Among Us MOD APK

Q. Is Among Us MOD APK free?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely free of cost.

Q. Is Among Us MOD APK safe?

Ans. Yes, it doesn’t have any type of malware threat in it. It is safe to use on all your devices.

Q. Will, I get banned after using this version?

Ans. No, you won’t.

Q. How to change a player’s name in Among Us?

Ans. On the home screen go to the Host Option. There will be a Name Box option there. Click on it to change your in-game username.

Q. Can I play Among Us mod menu on my own?

Ans. Among Us is a multiplayer game that requires a minimum of four players. You can either play with your friends with the help of an invitation link, or you can play with random players online.

Q. Can I use voice chat in Among Us?

Ans. The game doesn’t have a voice chat option, however, it does have a text chat.

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