Among Us: How to Purchase (& Equip) Pets

Among Us: How to Purchase (& Equip) Pets - Download Among Us: How to Purchase (& Equip) Pets for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

Among Us: How to Purchase (& Equip) Pets

Download Among Us: How to Purchase (& Equip) Pets for FREE

Among Us allows players to have their own adorable pets to follow them during the game. This guide will explain how to purchase and equip them.

Pets follow the player while they perform their tasks or murder their friends in Among UsThis guide will help players learn how to purchase and equip pets. Among Us has been one of the most popular games of the year seemingly overnight. The game allows players to play with up to 9 friends and set a variety of rules to make the game easier or harder like having more than 2 imposters, more tasks, and more options to deal with trials in the game. This game is the pure definition of trust issues since players will need to lie, cheat, and steal their way to victory. Here’s how players can purchase and equip pets in Among Us. 

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Players are broken up into two different categories. The first are crewmates, the majority of players will be given a list of tasks that they need to complete within a limited time or before the entire team is killed by an imposter. Then there’s the imposter, the players who were responsible for killing all of the players before their time runs out. Imposters can use the vents to get around faster and instantly kill another player without anyone noticing. Pets are just cute cosmetic items that join the player on their journey. Here’s how players can buy pets and equip them.


How To Buy (& Equip) Pets in Among Us

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To equip pets, players just need to head over to the laptop in the center of the lobby. Here, players can change the various amounts of things about their character’s appearance, including what type of pet will follow them throughout the game. The only way to unlock more pets in Among Us, the player needs to spend real-world money. Each pet costs $2.99 USD and comes in two different variants.

  • Bedcrab Pet Bundle (Purple + Orange and Brown)
  • Brainslug Pet Bundle (Green and UFO)
  • Hamster Pet Bundle (Blue and Brown)
  • Mini Crewmate Bundle (White and Wall-E)
  • Stickman Bundle (Henry and Ellie)

Currently, there is no other way to unlock additional pets in the game. The game released over 2 years ago and was basically dead on sight the moment it released. It then picked massive amounts of steam when popular Twitch streamer spread the word about the title. Now, Among Us is one of the highest streamed games on the platform. It came as a surprise to even the developers when this seemingly happened overnight. It just goes to show to never give up when creating something you are passionate about.


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Among Us is available now on PC and Mobile.

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