Among Us: How To Install New Proximity Voice Mod

Among Us: How To Install New Proximity Voice Mod - Download Among Us: How To Install New Proximity Voice Mod for FREE - Free Cheats for Games

Among Us: How To Install New Proximity Voice Mod

Download Among Us: How To Install New Proximity Voice Mod for FREE

A new mod for Among Us makes it possible for players to chat without the need for a third-party program and includes spatial audio.

Most mods for the popular social deduction game Among Us on PC focus on introducing new skins for players to use to decorate and differentiate their characters. Some mods can also make improvements to aspects of gameplay. For example, players can download mods to add 100 players to a single lobby rather than just ten, or to conceal the color of the dead body, which makes it more difficult for players to know who has died. One new mod that has gained recent popularity with the streaming community for its ability to enhance gameplay is the Proximity Voice Chat Mod.

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Created by Ottomated, the Proximity Voice Chat Mod is a free and Open-Source mod that allows players to voice chat in-game without the use of a third-party service like Discord. It also incorporates spatial audio so players only hear the people closest to them, just as they would in real life. This can add to the immersion of the game and create a new level of challenge for players. The mod doesn’t require any special servers as long as players download a special app first. Here’s how to install the CrewLink app and the Proximity Voice Chat Mod for Among Us on PC.

How to Install the Proximity Voice Mod in Among Us

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To begin playing Among Us with the Proximity Voice Chat Mod, players will need to first download and install the CrewLink app, also created by Ottomated. Players will need to follow these steps:


  1. Navigate to the CrewLink app page on GitHub and scroll to Assets. Click on the first Setup link, the file ending in .exe, (CrewLink-Setup-#.#.#.exe) to download.
  2. Find the downloaded file in the Downloads folder and double-click to run. If a warning pops up, click Run Anyway.
  3. Make sure Among Us is updated to the most recent, non-beta version.
  4. Open the CrewLink app and use it to launch Among Us.

Ottomated goes over the setup process and some troubleshooting options in the video below.

Players will then want to try and host a game. Once they have joined a lobby, their character should appear in the CrewLink app along with their player code. Players can use the gear icon in the top left to check out the settings and make sure their voice is coming through by checking the box for Voice Activity. A green circle will appear around their character image if their voice chat is working.


Because the mod is hosted on Ottomated’s personal server, which has limited capacity, players may need to set up their own voice relay server to use instead. This will be especially useful if players are experiencing connectivity issues. They can find detailed instructions by Ottomated for completing this process.

All players in a lobby must be using the CrewLink app for Proximity Voice Chat to work. Unfortunately, mobile players are not able to install and play this mod at this time.

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Among Us is available for PC, iOS, and Android devices.


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